Top 5 Cheesiest Plastic Surgery Commercials -- Vote for The Worst!

EliseR on 20 Jul 2011 at 3:00pm

We searched "Plastic Surgery" on YouTube to see what we could dredge up. The results? Hundreds of before and after videos and some of the cheesiest commercials you could possibly imagine. After hours of sifting through the good and the bad, let us now present:

The RealSelf Cheesiest Plastic Surgery Commercial Nominees

Number 1: The not-so-politically-correct ad by Young and Pretty Medical Center of Cosmetic Surgery


Number 2: The what-good-is-a-motorcycle-if-your-hair-doesn't-blow-in-the-wind? commercial by El Paso Cosmetic Surgery


Number 3: You don't need to speak Spanish to blush at the message behind this ad by L.A. Center for Cosmetic Surgery


Number 4: A timeless gem from the 90's by Park East Plastic Surgery


Number 5: I pledge allegiance to the... bikini-clad blonde? A patriotic commercial by The Body Sculpting Center

Which commercial do YOU think is the cheesiest? Don't be shy, VOTE NOW! Results will be posted a week from today.

Stay tuned for our next poll: RealSelf's Funniest Plastic Surgery Commercial Spoof!

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BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  HILARIOUS!  I think #2 and #5 are the cheesiest (#5 tipping the cheesy scale a little more).  At least #2 has an obvious message!  These are my overall comments: #1 BAHAHAHAHAHA!  I KNOW someone that has happened to....she promptly got "enhanced." #2  Reminds me of Wayne Rooney - the soccer player who got a transplant that apparently didn't take... #3  I understood it LOL. #4  I think that practice is STILL there LOL. #5 ???
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wow, those are all horrible.
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Uh oh, stay tuned LisaR, this video may soon be featured in our next Awards blog: Funniest Spoof Plastic Surgery Commercial

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Hi LisaR - I think this is the video you're referring to..


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Yup. That's the one!
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Totally cheesy. I had a hard time deciding between number 1 and number 5.
There is one plastic surgery commercial which I think is even cheesier than all of these which deserves honorable (dishonorable?) mention. I can't link to it in the comments but search Rhett and Link Bizarre Plastic Surgery Video and it should come up right away!

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The cheesy innuendo in #1 makes it the winner for me.

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Yep, #5 -- the stars and stripes -- was cheesy from start to "I approve this message" end.

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Aren't they?! Don't forget to VOTE for the one you think is the cheesiest! Personally, I couldn't get over the stars and stripes commercial...

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These are fun!

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I vote for #2 hahahaha.
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