UK's Katie Price Regrets $160,000 Worth of Cosmetic Surgery

Princess 19 on 2 Nov 2011 at 3:00pm

It’s that time again.  Another celeb regrets her overzealous cosmetic work in the pursuit of physical perfection.  Today, it’s UK model Katie Price confessing remorse.

Despite her reported almost $160,000 spent on procedures such as breast implants, liposuction, and rhinopasty, Katie Price, aka Jordan, is said to STILL be unhappy with her looks. 

She regrets A LOT.  She told Heat a few reasons why.

She got obsessed with Botox.

The 32-year-old first tried Botox before she was even 30.  She soon got hooked and was flying all the way to LA to get injections every 3 months. 

She now admits it was all for show:  "I'm not really wrinkly anyway, so I probably don't even need it," she said.  "I only do it because everyone else has it done. Botox isn't a big deal for me: it's like going shopping." 

At about $500 a pop, that's a lot to waste - and that's not including airfare.

Veneers are painful.

“I have to have an anesthetic just to get my teeth cleaned now, because it hurts so much.  I would never advise anyone to get veneers done. They fall out."

She first got lipo when she didn't even need it.

"I was only about 20 at the time. But it didn’t work," she admits.  "I was too skinny. There wasn’t any [fat] to take. It was painful, and it is dangerous.  I don’t think the surgeon should have done anything to me."

She realizes now, she should've exercised: "At the time, I was too lazy to go to the gym."

Her regrets are no different than Heidi Montag.  However, Heidi feels she should have left well enough alone.

Heidi Montag - Another celeb that regrests all her plastic surgery

“Obviously I wish I didn’t do it,” Montag told The Daily Beast of her 10+ procedures, most done in one day.

A recent survey in the UK said 1/5 of all patients are unhappy with their cosmetic procedure results.  According to Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, it can be almost as high in the US. 

In the end, there's one thing Katie won't do - and that's a facelift.

"I’m not afraid of getting old,” she said. "I’d rather age naturally than have a facelift.  People look stupid with a facelift.”

Photo credit:  Flickr by Mick Walker - Mutant Rock Photography and By Diamantes y Basura by Conner McCloud

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Her comment: "People look stupid with a facelift.” I think people look stupid with boobs that are way too big for their body structure--obviously she doesn't agree. I wonder if she will be the first one in line when she does actually get older--I only hope she waits the requisition 20 more years--the way she is going she will think it's necessary at 35.

This is just my own guessing here, but if she's willing to drop $160000 on plastic surgery, there's a good chance she has some BDD going on. And because of that, it's no surprise she'd regret dropping all that money on something that can't really make her happy anyway. :(  Same for Heidi -- although I think Katie's results are better than Heidi's, so I can see why Heidi particularly would want her old self back. She was so cute!