Tara Reid's plastic surgery nightmare

Beauty Cred on 11 Oct 2006 at 8:59pm

US Weekly frequently speculates on what it calls "knifestyles" of the rich and famous, but this week they got their plastic surgery story straight from the source.

Tara Reid's cover story goes into all the gory details of her botched combined liposuction and breast implant surgery in 2004. 

According to Tara, she just wanted to balance out her "uneven breasts" with "big Bs" and never expected her implants to be so big.  She tells US Weekly:

"I figured, I'm in Hollywood, I'm getting older, I'm going to fix them...I asked for big Bs, and he did not give me big Bs. He gave me Cs, and I didn't want them."

Tara Reid's breast slipped out at a photo shoot, revealing plastic surgery scarsThe problem wasn't just the size, as the whole world learned when she walked attended the Sean Combs' birthday party photo shoot in October of 2004 with her bare breast accidentally exposed.

She says the now-famous bumps along the edges of her nipples appeared immediately after the surgery -- but that her doctor promised it would get better over time.

"But after six months of ‘it's going to get better,' it started to get worse and worse...Guys I was dating would be like, ‘What's wrong with them? They look really bad. You know, you should really get them fixed."

She also revealed the details behind her bad liposuction, which has been well-documented in tabloid photos.

"I got lipo because even though I was skinny, I wanted - I'm not going to lie - a six-pack. I had body contouring, but it all went wrong. My stomach became the most ripply, bulgy thing."

Tara underwent reconstructive surgery last month to repair the damage and now says, "I'll never be perfect again, but I've got my confidence back."

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Okay. Tara's fixed. What doctor helped her with her correction on her abdomen. We need answers. Please respond.
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I forgot to mention that after the third surgery, I requested ALL the records from the doctor, the surgical nurse contracted out of a surgery center and the anesthesiologist. I found I have 240 cc's of saline in a tear drop shaped implant in my smaller breast and 375 cc's of saline in a full round shaped implant in my larger breast. No amount of weight loss is going to fix that nightmare and I cannot afford a fourth surgery with a doctor to even remove them completely from my body.
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What a moron, it was like he was deliberately trying to deform you and get his jollies out of it at the same time. When I bought my insurance for mine the doctor had to write down how big each side was and what kind for the insurance. I am curious as to what your doctor wrote in the form on yours. 2 different shapes and on the wrong sides, was he sniffing the laughing gas while working?
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I had 3 botched breast implants by the same doctor in Oakland, CA. My breasts were a B and and a D with the first and second surgery and now they are a C and a DD with the third surgery. I was told after the surgeries that "there is a rupture in the implant and that the saline was leaking." I had originally taken out breast implant surgery insurance for this problem which the doctor had recommended in my first visit. After each purposefully botched surgery in this insurance scam, he told me I was "obese" at a size 10 and that my "breasts would even out if I lost weight." Well, I have lost weight and they look even more grotesque and uneven. Not to mention my hair has thinned and I have health problems and weird skin rashes now. I reported this to the California medical board which only cares about victims if they have died. I had proof of malpractice in my records which they purposefully ignored. Attorneys "do not think it is worth their financial while to sue doctors for malpractice and that the government and the judicial system always goes in favor of the doctor, unless there is a death or head injury or an amputation of a limb." We breast implant surgery nightmare victims have no legal recourse. After all, these doctors pay the government thousands more in taxes (usually) than most patients and the government does not want to bite off the hands of the greedy SOBs that feeds it.
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i'm really appreciative of this story because i am wanting to get my breast more proportioned to my frame and body type and am scared of getting a botch job like tara. this is an expensive surgery for me so i can't afford for something like that to go wrong. i live in haltom city, texas if anyone has any reccommendations on doctors or other information in makeing my choice on what doctor to choose and insertion, cost, saline vs silicone, etc. thank you for your report on this matter and thank you tara reid for letting people like me know that these things can happen to anyone!! Donna
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ALWAYS....look at the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons)I would also get at least 3 consultations from differant Doc's , they should be free. Lastly look up their medical lic. in that state, this is where malpractice suits are listed. Good Luck my mommy makeover is 12/3!
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I hope you did not do it.
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