Heliocare Sunscreen Pill

Beauty in Seattle on 4 Sep 2006 at 12:00am

For those of you who don’t like the mess of applying sunscreen lotions, there’s a sunscreen pill. It’s called Heliocare and is an oral food supplement that works from the inside out. Heliocare is also goes by the name of Sun Vitamins and is made from the extract of a South American fern, Polypodium leucotomos, whose common name is calaguala. The other two key ingredients in Heliocare are green tea extract and beta-carotene.

Limited clinical studies indicate that the extract from this fern has some merit in preventing sunburn and skin aging due to sun damage (also known as wrinkles), as well as skin cancers that result from exposure to UVA and UVB radiation.

Heliocare is a capsule containing 240 mg. of the fern extract and is taken once a day, in the morning. It should be used in combination with a high SPF sunscreen lotion or sunscreen towelettes for maximum protection. In other words it’s not a stand alone remedy against damaging UV rays. The benefits are that it seems to repair the skin from the damage caused by sun exposure and because it’s high in antioxidants, Heliocare helps soak up the ultraviolet ray induced free radicals generated by sun exposure.

Heliocare is considered a food supplement and not a drug so it is not approved or regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Nonetheless this is a product I’d consider trying.

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빨리 완벽하게 차단되는 경구용 자외선 차단제가 개발되야 할텐데 ..
Can you use Heliocare 2 weeks before surgery? Help! Thank you so much...
Hi, Where can i get these pills at? I would like to know more about the kiwi drug? Thank you!
I've had great results from Heliocare and I'm looking for a cheaper place to purchase these pills. Has anyone ordered from "kiwi drug" before?
hi. i have been using heliocare for the past 2 years. previously it was orange and red capsules which had green tea, beta carotene and polypodium leucotomos but now the old one has been withdrawn and new capsules (pale orange) have been introduced. The new capsules are not still in prhalf as potent as the old ones. Can some1 tell me where i can get the older ones , r they still in production . pls help...i miss the old ones.
Leslie Baumann, MD, author of the Skin Type Solution, recommended Heliocare in an interview. I think I'll try Heliocare for sunny days on snow.
When this product has to be used with an effective sunscreen lotion for better results , why not spend money only on a lotion!
To: Neena & all RealSelf.com Readers: There are several reasons to add one capsule of Heliocare to your sun protection regimen: 1.Topical sunscreens do not protect against the deep-penetrating and dangerous UVA wavelengths of the sun; Heliocare does. 2.Topical suncreens do not protect all exposed skin sites [e.g. behind the ears; the back]; Heliocare does because it works from the inside out. 3.Topical sunscreens need to be applied and re-applied every 2 hours [per mfr's directions], after sweating from exercise, after swimming. Heliocare provides sun protection for 3 hours; e.g. 2 capsules will be enough for a day at the beach. 4.Topical sunscreens are expensive. The topicals that claim to block UVA wavelengths cost between $15 - $30 for 3.4oz. One capsule of Heliocare costs approx. 85 cents; and when taken along with the application of 2 ounces of an inexpensive, SPF-30 topical sunscreen [e.g. "No-Ad UltraBlock" topical sunscreen: approx. $8.95 for 16 oz.], provides the best and most complete sun protection on the market today. In short, you add 1-2 capsules/day of Heliocare and apply topical sunscreen to block harmful UVA wavelengths, provide total skin protection, achieve more hours of sun protection even if you forget to re-apply, and to get more sun protection "bang for your buck". Thank you for reading my post. L. Scott Fitzpatrick

Dear Real Self Blog Readers:
It is fabulous to see that the health conscious bloggers of America are taking notice of the breakthrough systemic (oral)sun protection capsule, HELIOCARE.
For the first time, Moms and Dads can assure that their families - - - especially their active children and teenagers often over-exposed and inadequately protected from harmful UV radiation - - - are protected by the complementary sun protection provided by one capsule daily of Heliocare. Compare that cost to sunscreen lotions, and you can see why Heliocare is no-brainer sun protection.
Heliocare is a breakthrough sun protection product, developed over 12 years at Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital by some of the worlds' leading dermatologists.
Heliocare is sun protection "from the inside out" - - protecting all skin sites; not only that skin unprotected or inadequately protected by topical sunscreen lotions [e.g. the back; behind the ears].
With the incidence of skin cancers rising at an alarming rate in the U.S.A., and with the reality that American youth [ages 12 - 22] is either unwilling or blithe to the need to protect themselves from excessive sun exposure, Heliocare is essential, basic, effective sun protection. A September 2006 survey reported in the prestigious scientific journal "Pediatrics" alarmingly reports that only 33% of teenagers regularly use sunscreen lotion, and that over 70% of teenagers report receiving at least one severe sunburn each Summer! (from, "Pediatrics"; Vol. 118 No. 3: September 2006, pp 853-864). By adding (all year round in warm sunny climates of the Sun Belt, and from March to November in Northern latitudes) one capsule of Heliocare to their teenagers regimen at breakfast, Moms and Dads can ensure basic sun protection for even the most sunscreen lotion-averse teeneagers. While still allowing their youth some, healthier tanning.
Numerous, leading American dermatologists across the U.S.A.now recommend Heliocare to their patients as effective sun protection and for the prevention of skin damage and disease.
In August 2006, Dr. Joel Schlessinger, MD, President, American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery, stated: "Heliocare -- a pill taken once daily -- offers superb baseline protection and may make the difference between a burn and no burn for your child or yourself....A pill taken once daily, Heliocare acts as a super-antioxidant to prevent and repair damage from sun exposure...."
All Americans should be aware of and excited about this new sun protection product. And a word to the wise for you Internet "surfers" and shoppers out there. The Heliocare formulation developed at Harvard is the U.S.A.-formulation in the yellow box. Do not be fooled by the discounted Heliocare packaged in the red box - - it is NOT same formulation, and its capsules contain red and yellow dyes which are prohibited in the U.S.A. The discounted red-boxed Heliocare is all imported from New Zealand or Canada or Malaysia - - - beware. You get what you pay for.
U.S.A.-Heliocare has been sold in the U.S.A. for one year. In five years, Heliocare will be a "household word" and well along its way to achieving the goal of its developers - - - improving health, improving appearance, and saving lives.
Enjoy the outdoors and the sunny weather - - - and please protect yourselves and your children.  Thanks very much for reading my post
L. Scott Fitzpatrick
Allure Magazine, October 2005: "Heliocare - - Breakthrough Beauty Product of 2005".