Stem cells and Botox cream - goodbye to surgery and injections?

A. Foley on 30 Jul 2010 at 9:39am

Will using your own stem cells give your face a lift without surgery? Can Botox in cream form replace the need for injections? It's too early to make the call. 

A stem  cell face lift --marketed aggressively on the web as "complete facial rejuvenation without surgery"-- is actually a fat transfer technique that's used for facial rejuvenation. The procedure takes your own tissue, separates the fat from stem cells, and injects it into the face in place of other temporary or permanent fillers.

Medical experts question the science and claims made by others that stem cells deliver significant benefits.  Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir, a Los Angeles Oculoplastic surgeon, counts as a skeptic. He states that "it is true that fat does contain adult stem cells. So some enterprising surgeons have repackaged their facial fat transfer procedures as the 'stem cell facelift.' Does this mean that stem cells are responsible for facial improvement after fat transfer? There is not even a speck of evidence that this would be the case."

Yet, Steinsapir does find that fat transfers help enhance facial appearence by replacing lost facial volume that comes with aging.

Botox without the discomfort of a needle?

A needle-free Botox cream is rumored to be in testing with the FDA, and the claim is that it will help diminish wrinkles and crow’s feet. "We are excited that there appears to be some very promising data on a topical formulation of Botox," states Patricia Farris, MD a New Orleans Dermatologist

At last year's Summer Academy Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology, researchers testing RT001 Botulinum Toxin Type A Topical Gel made by Revance found clear indications of wrinkle relaxation around the eyes.

Topical Botulinum Toxin A Cream made by Revance before and after results

In the meantime, wrinkle creams that promise Botox-like results simply don't deliver, according to Manhattan dermatologist Jordana Gilman: “Creams simply cannot deliver the active ingredient to the muscle, which is where they need to go in order to relax the lines. Don't waste your money on any cream which promises you results like Botox, you will be disappointed.”

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I'm interested in more information regarding the stem cell facelift. From what I've researched, the fat is taken from another area of the body during surgery, put in a centrifuge, where the stem cells are separated and then during facelift surgery, the extracted stem cells are grafted into the tissue where the volume would naturally occur, giving the patient a more natural, long term result. This in theory sounds amazing and I'm hopeful that in the next year or two we'll have more document research that supports it!

We forgot to mention that Revance is now in Phase III of clinical trials for the topical cream - testing it on facial lines and for hyperhidrosis.