Should a 16-Year-Old Get a Breast Lift?

K. Mathews on 10 Nov 2011 at 4:00pm

Sometimes we come across questions on RealSelf that elicit a double-take. Example: "16 With Saggy Breasts...I am planning on getting a lift..."

Breast reductions are not uncommon for developed teenagers, but solely a lift is stereotypically associated with post-nursing moms and women entering their "golden years." But the asker said her “saggy breasts” — the result of weight fluctuations — have left her self conscious and wanting to take action. She doesn't ask about a reduction. In fact, she wants implants, so long as they're not too large. 

While the knee-jerk reaction might be shock that a girl so young thinks she needs a lift, some of the doctors don’t consider it to be out of the question.

Their main concern is what stage of development the teenager is in. “You should not have ANY kind of breast surgery if you are still growing, or if you are not at a stable and healthy weight,” cautions Dr. Richard Tholen. “Otherwise as a plastic surgeon we are literally trying to accurately ‘hit a moving target.’”
For this reason, many of the doctors urge her to wait. Yet as Dr. Lisa Sowder says, “Once your weight is stabilized and you have stopped growing and developing (physically, that is), a breast lift may be a very reasonable thing for you to have done.”

Plastic surgery on minors is always a hot button topic. Some are adamantly against teens changing their bodies, while others see certain benefits. Where is the line drawn in such a gray area? Nick News recently covered the issue by talking to directly with kids — it's a pretty interesting video with varying opinions. Click here for more.

What do you think about underage cosmetic operations? Is it ever okay, or only for grown-ups? Take our poll and sound off in the comments. 

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I'm 16 and getting a tummy tuck and implants on the 28th!

Oh you're doing breast implants too? I didn't notice that on your review. You must be quite excited!


To me, it's all about the situation. I can see where severe weight fluctuations could leave an endowed teen with breasts that seem droopier than normal. And as a small-chested girl, I know how awful it can be as a teenager to feel insecure with your breasts. Or as a grown woman! I can't blame her for being curious and wanting one, but I don't know what I'd do if I were a parent and my daughter asked me for that...

I disagree. I've seen some noses that no child should be cursed with, you feel badly for them as soon as you lay eyes on them.

A boy I went to school with had unreasonably large (round) ears that stood out from his face terribly. He should not have had to go through life like that. The first thing you always saw were those ears and I liked him, he was very sweet.

I had a g/f that in the fourth grade already had huge breasts! She was treated differently all of her life. Some thought she was promiscuous, she wasn't, her back, shoulders, and bras were always causing her pain.

All of these ppl endured terrible teasing and unwanted attention to the point that parents, teachers and classmates all felt for them.

So, YES! I would give my children plastic surgery to correct severe abnormalities. I have enough common sense to know how cruel other children and adults can be. My child deserves a fair shot at life.
Ahhh She should seek some help (psychologically) .
This is just disgusting!!! Why would a parent let a child have cosmetic surgery. The only surgery I would allow my child to have is a breast reduction, only for medical reasons. They have their whole life to make those decisions. What is this world coming to?!

I cannot believe her parents paid for her to have liposuction at age 12, SO SAD. :(