Bigger Isn't Better - 6 Reasons Women Love Breast Reductions

A. Foley on 24 Dec 2013 at 9:00am

Though Americans typically take a “bigger is better” approach to breasts (and food, cars, houses, etc...), breast reduction surgery ranks as one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for women. According to 2011 ASAPS stats, there was roughly one reduction performed for every 2 augmentations in the U.S.

With an 95% Worth It Rating on RealSelf, here are 6 reasons why women love their smaller breasts:

1. Alters Unwanted Male Attention

Dolly Parton does not want breast reductionWhile it’s nice to feel attractive, having breasts so large that that’s all anyone can focus on can have the opposite effect on your self-confidence. Along with her cup size, Fort Lauderdale9065 was happy to cut down on men’s sexual advances and Dolly Parton comparisons.

2. Eliminates Pain

Try strapping some extra pounds to the front of your chest and see how good you feel. The bra thequeenbee1979 had to wear to harness her 16 lbs. breasts cut off the circulation in her arms and made her neck ache, which resulted in migraines. After her surgery, she “couldn't wait to get home so [she] could take the bra off.”

3. Stops Sagging

Naturally oversized breasts often fight a losing battle with gravity, which results in sagging. Cinzia2, who once complained that her sagging breasts made her look more than twenty years older, now has the “smaller, perkier breasts” she always wanted.

4. Better Clothing Options

Even women with otherwise tiny frames have to buy extra-large tops just to cover their big breasts adequately, and the results are either unflattering or inappropriate. Following surgery, Mesoq shares “I have dresses that I’d ordered online but have never worn because I looked like a hooker with my boobs hanging out, but now they fit and look decent.”

5. Reverses Pregnancy Changes

Giving birth and subsequently breast-feeding are known to alter a woman’s breast size, and these changes aren’t always appreciated. After having twins, BridgetNJ felt uncomfortable both physically and mentally, but breast reduction returned her to her pre-pregnancy appearance. 

6. Prevents Rashes

Large breasts that can’t help but rub against each other are prone to creating rashes from the chafing. marbear used to have rashes both between and underneath her breasts, but since the reduction, she’s now thrilled that her bosoms actually have some space between them.

Do you ever wish you were less-endowed? Or do you want more? 

Photo credits: Norma Stitz, world's largest natural breasts, screenshot from UK's "This Morning"; NY Daily News


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On 12/3/12 I had a breast reduction. I am 47 years old. I went from being squeezed into a 44DD bra (I should have gone up) to now 40C. After all my swelling has gone down I should be a 38C. I feel great and can't wait for Summer! I wish I had done this sooner.
I was a 32I before my surgery. My parents didn't believe it was that bad until they saw my preop pics. I had surgery when I graduated from college. My life would have been so much better if I have did it sooner. It impacts your self esteem. You don't know unless you experience it. People are cruel. Whenever I wore dresses people would ask me when was I due. People would want me to cover up, but you wouldn't ask a flat chested person to cover up. Nothing I wore helped. Surgery changed my life. I wanted ppl to know they don't have to live like that. It was miserable.
Thanks for sharing this. I can't get over my sister telling me that I look like I been breastfeeding.and people making such mean comments. Av had it all my life now am 27 and still go through the mess.I have not yet done it coz of cost since am trying to save.but I can't wait to have enough and won't think twice. Thanks so much
Sounds like my life. I will have to watch it. I just had a reduction from a 36DD to a 36C. It's only been a week, but my husband doesn't seem happy.
I finally went through with my breast reduction!! I had been thinking about it for so many years and at 39 and 3 pregnancies was the best decision ever! My back immediately felt better I'm talking right after surgery I felt the weight gone and my shoulders immediately went back with little effort and my posture was better. I am 5 days post-op and barely need pain meds to get through the day. The swelling and bruising is still visible but every passing day is an improvement. SO glad I will be starting my 40's with this new "lease on life"! If only other women in dire need of one could find the courage to do so they would realize how much it changes your life for the better! My insurance covered it at 90% leaving me owing around $800. Yipeee! Can't wait to buy new bras, dresses, and bathing suits and show off my new perky boobies when they heal!
Eva Gordon
Fontana, Ca.
surgery date: Aug. 18th, 2011
I will post some before and after pics!

One of my good friends had a reduction her sophomore year of college. She's incredibly happy with her decision -- and she still has plenty to shimmy.  
The "unwanted attention" point is what's most interesting to me. As a cleavage-less woman (who would like bigger breasts), I've never experienced any attention in that area. I can't imagine what it would be like to feel as though guys couldn't look past your chest. 

I guess we all want what we don't have! Except for those natural C-cups... right where most women want to be...


Curb your Enthusiasm's new season has a really funny episode about this.  Check out Season 8, The Safe House.  Richard is angry at Larry because he gives the idea to Stella, Richard's girlfriend, to go to the doctor about a mole removal.  When she goes to the doctor she realizes that she would like a breast reduction.  Richard's favorite part about Stella are her DD breasts, it's the best episode! HBO of course. ;)