5 Reasons Lipo Alternatives May Not Live Up to Your Expectations

MakenzieR on 7 Nov 2012 at 10:30am

With morning talk shows that tout the Exilis fat-melting procedure one day and then are on to next big thing, it's tough to keep up. It feels like we're offered a new way to ditch unwanted bulges every week.

Liposuction expert Dr. David Amron warns that lipo-alternatives with gimmicky marketing may not give you the results for which you hoped (nearly 50% of his procedures are revisions from botched jobs). Here are his 5 reasons why: 

1.      It's a waste of money. 

Many procedures claiming to diminish fat with the flick of a button or a zap of the laser are exactly as they seem - too good to be true.  Patients often opt for these "miracle" procedures, hoping to benefit from less recovery and faster results when in reality, the results may never come. If results do come, it is usually after multiple office visits at a high cost.

Dr. David Amron liposuction expert2.      They can throw you out of proportion. 

Many new liposuction alternatives forfeit a level of control. Because patients are often dealing with a machine, rather than a specialist, they lack the proper evaluation and control to guarantee the area of focus is still in proportion with the rest of the body.

3.      New technologies may create new problems

Because many of these procedures are so new to the market they have yet to run their course with significant testing.  Not only do patients run the risk of wasting their money on a procedure that might not work, there is also a risk of unforeseen complications which can cost a fortune in revisions or medical attention.

CoolSculpting before and after photos4.      Overpromising and under-delivering.

Lipo alternatives are actually not an alternative to lipo at all. Many of these new technologies claim drastic results that usually fall short.  

5.      Spot removal doesn't work. 

Though it may seem we only need to eliminate one precise area of fat, this is not usually the case. Because if this trend of spot reducing fat through alternative methods of liposuction, many patients are finding themselves even further out of proportion than before. Plus, unlike liposuction, improvements may only be temporary. 

So if you're looking for a way to say "buh-bye" to stubborn fat, do your research and have reasonable expectations for whatever procedure you choose. And remember, just because a someone owns a brand-name machine does not mean they are a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. 

David Amron back liposuction before and afterDr. Amron liposuction on waist before and after

Lead photo: CoolSculpting by Dr. Barry DiBernardo; other photos courtesy of Dr. Amron

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thank you for this wonderful post, its really well written aswell, i recently had lipo, and it went fine!, the good thing is that the Consultants i spoke too gave great and honest advice!
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Correct me if i am wrong but my understanding is the body is programmed to reproduce X amount of fat cells. When some are removed the body automatically replaces them. The problem is you have no control over where they may end up the "second" time around. Lipo suction which removes the fat cell is very painful and much costlier than ultra sound and cavitation therapy. Cavitation therapy ruptures the cell but doesn't destroy it. After it is opened up and the fat is removed safely through the lymphatic system. New technology is vastly improved over the last five years and they achieving very good success with these new machines. My concern is the false information plastic surgeons are putting out there because it is cutting into their business. They are using scare tactics which I find very amusing because the stories of botched lipo are much scarier. The newest machines are FDA approved and have gone numerous scientific studies conducted by doctors(information is available on line I've personally read several )with scientifically proven data. to back up the results. Because it science and every body reacts differently the results will vary. Don't let these cut happy doctors scare you, do your own research. You have a choice. I have lost a complete pant size. And extremely happy with the results.
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Smadsen - After your early teenage years, after puberty, your body does not produce any more fat cells. Your fat cells you have expand when you gain weight and shrink when you lose weight. So when liposuction removes fat cells your body does not produce more. The latest liposuction procedures are not as painful as some of the ultrasound and cool scultping methods and produce much better results and ultimately costs the patient less. With laser, ultrasound, etc. treatments it takes numerous treatments to produce noticable results which many times adds up to more than tradition liposuction which produces noticable results - traditonal lipo, not necessarily SmartLipo which has limited extraction volumes.
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