What a Patient Sees During LASIK Eye Surgery

MakenzieR on 19 Oct 2011 at 11:30am

You know you're going to see better after your LASIK procedure, but what do you see during it?    

LASIK Secrets created this video from the patient's perspective.  It's pretty cool, albeit a little creepy to imagine this is happening on your eye!  (Word to the wise, unless you love Celtic music the soundtrack gets a bit annoying.)

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Interesting Perspective! I too underwent Lasik recently at Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai. I was a bit scared at first, but the doctor soothed me throughout the procedure. Touchwood, I am very happy with the results now!
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Haha those were so funny! We called them ant googles for some reason when my mom go her lasik and I was about, 10 as well.

I definitely will be reviewing:)
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I was so tense watching the video. It Definitely took me back.
The ugliest feeling is when the suction is done, it feels like your eye could completely pop out of the socket at any time. Once they open the cornea flap, everything becomes bluryyas if you were under water.
The red laser becomes 3 times bigger, which is good bc you have to keep looking right at it. .. or else!

I was so scared throughout the whole proCedure that a nurse was holding on to my hand tightly to comfort me. It was worth it.
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Woah, sounds intense! My mom had Lasik years ago and loved her results too. I have to say as I 10 y/o at the time I was a little scared by her eye patches afterward! 

I noticed you wrote a review for another procedure already -- we'd love to have you share your Lasik experience in that community, too! 

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Great Post. thanks for sharing us.

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You HAD to notice the surgeon was one of them ALIENS with the bug eyes and giant white head you see on the conspiracy "Area 51" shows!
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The first thing I thought of is what the he** is that creepy alien behind the laser! Guess this alien can't spell either considering all the typos in the video. If they can't even spell, I wouldn't trust them in a million years to do Lasik...
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