Doctors Offer Cosmetic Surgery Discounts for Military

MakenzieR on 11 Nov 2011 at 11:00am

Military discounts aren't just for the movies and museum.  Servicemen and women can also get a special rate on the body of their dreams.

“Many [plastic surgeons] offer a discount to help those who serve our country in the military,” said Dr. Robert Grenley

And it's not just for the medically necessary procedures.  When a RealSelf member asked about a military discount for breast implants, the answers were all positive. 

"I find it only the right thing to do for the military, teachers, firemen, policemen and their families as I suspect most plastic surgeons do. Just call around,”  says veteran Dr. Carl "Rick" Lentz III.  He adds that “While on active duty, we had the ability to do cosmetic surgery at the military hospitals to maintain training. Perhaps that is still available. All the large Military Medical Centers have plastic surgeons which might be available to you."

But there's one important thing veteran Dr. Adam Hamawy says to keep in mind:  "Although everyone is looking for a good deal, the cheapest surgery is not necessarily the best one.  You get what you pay for.”

One situation where this discount could be particularly helpful: soldiers who turn to liposuction to meet strict physical requirements. 

Photo credit: expertinfantry on flickr 

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I have never ran across a Dr. Offering such a thing. I am a spouse of an Airman he has been in 9 years any doctors offering discounts in the Florida area please get at me!
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If you find a doctor you like in your area, just call and ask. Or email them through their RealSelf profile. Their staff will be able to tell you if they offer a military discount. And from the doctor response we received to this story, it seems like many don't advertise it on their website  but still offer it. Good luck!

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We at Lentz Plastic Surgery continue to be committed to those who serve our country, fire fighters, police, teachers and especially our military and their spouses, and always give them a discount on cosmetic surgery. It is important understand that all patients, regardless of who they are, receive the very best care we are able to deliver with out compromise.
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We are proud to offer military discounts to our outstanding servicemen and women and their spouses.
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