Meet Our RealFriend of the Week: Blonde in the bluffton and Her Amazing Mommy Makeover

Chako S. on 18 Apr 2014 at 4:30pm

Introducing RealSelf’s first ever #RFoW: Blonde in bluffton! She was hand-picked from our huge active community as a superstar member, supportive friend, and contributor. She’s posted over a whopping 3,700 times, but what stood out to us is her honesty and vulnerability. We were especially touched by this post, which is a conversation she had with her daughter about her then impending procedure:

“I talked to my daughter — she went on and on about how I shouldn't be getting my surgery. I said you don't have to live in my body after having 4 kids and breast feeding them all each for a year +. She 1st says your [sic] a mom you are supposed to look that way. I wanted to say I am a person too???”

Over a year after her procedure, she is looking and feeling fabulous after her mommy makeover (See above for post-operation shots or click here to see more photos). So that you can get to know her better, we let her have a go at our RealSelf questionnaire. Congratulations, Blonde in the bluffton, on being named our RealFriend of the Week!

Name: Jennifer
Location: Bluffton, SC
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom
Age: 41
Notable quotable: “This surgery changed the way I live my life and has made me WAY more healthy — never thought [plastic surgery] would do that!!”
Procedures: tummy tuck, lipo of lower back and thighs, breast lift and augmentation.
Did you have an inspiration? To get a jump start to feel and look healthy.
What was your goal with your procedure? To feel more comfortable in my own skin.
What was your first thought when you saw yourself post-surgery? Wow my boobs are large! And I couldn't believe how much better I looked even with all the swelling.
What advice would you give your teenage self? To get healthy eating habits and work out more.
Looking back, what advice you would’ve given yourself pre-op? To prepare more mentally. There are so many ups and downs afterwards.
What advice you would’ve given yourself post-op? Be patient!!! It takes six months to a year for the swelling to go down.
What was your biggest fear with your surgery choice? The pain and not being able to do things for myself.
What do you love most about yourself? My outlook on life. To live life for the moment. You can't change the past, only grow from it, and you can't predict the future.
Do you have a favorite inspirational quote? “Every thought you produce, anything you say, any action you do, it bears your signature.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

Caption: Blonde in the bluffton's before & after tummy shot!

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Try yoga! Flexibility takes a while, but you'll get there!
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If anyone has any questions PLEASE ask!!! Hope everyone is doing well!!!!
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Congratulations!!! At which location and with what doctor did you have your procedure done? Thanks!
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I used Dr. Weinger!!! Love him!!! I had it at an outpatient surgery center. I think it was @ 7 hours or a little more of surgery. I highly recommend my PS!!
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Thanks for being awesome, and for helping me during my pre- and post-op journeys!  Virtual hugs to you for all that you've done--even without knowing it.
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Oh thanks twoplusone!!! How are you???
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I'm great! :D  May will make 18 months post-op for me and while I'm completely used to my new body now, I'm still not psychologically owning it yet all the time, you know?  Maybe that doesn't make sense, but I still sometimes forget that I don't have that belly hanging, and that people are not getting a terrifying view whenever I lean over and show cleavage.  Still a process.  But I'm still delighted!
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I know exactly how you feel!!! Today I went shopping for dresses with my hubby- I can't get use to buying a s/m.... Mentally I am getting there. But I swear sometimes I see the old me in the mirror...
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18 months that's so awesome!!!! Yeah!! I work out 5 days sometimes 6. What about you???
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For me it really varies.  Right now I'm working toward flexibility.  I've wanted to be more flexible for a long time, but I just hate stretching--it's so uncomfortable and I never saw results.  So lately I got a contortion training handbook (after taking a class first, kind of by accident!) and I've been stretching every day.  For between 1-3 hours.  So that takes the place of my workouts right now, just out of necessity.  I don't have time for more than that.  I'm seeing results for sure.  I want to get my splits by the time I'm forty, and since I just had my 39th birthday, that gives me a year.  :D  Some days I get in a little pole dance practice as well, but the flexibility work takes priority.  Today is the first day, in twenty days, that I'm having trouble getting started.  Terrible cramps :(.  But I'll get it done--even if it's only an hour today, with a minute in each stretch, it'll be better than nothing!  One day at a time :D!!!
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