"Meaningful Beauty" lacks true meaning

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Meaningful Beauty review
Cindy Crawford has associated her beauty, name, and reputation to the “Meaningful Beauty” anti-aging skin care product line.
Cindy is obviously a natural beauty -- who denies ever getting Botox injections-- so we have to wonder, does Meaningful Beauty have true meaning?
Meaningful Beauty Ingredients
Meaningful Beauty is based on a formulation developed by French skin care expert, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. What is the secret ingredient unearthed by Dr. Sebagh? Rare French melon. Sebagh believes some melons can defend our skin from the breakdown of collagen, which happens with age. Meaningful Beauty describes this ingredient as
“a rare French melon that stayed fresh and firm much longer than similar varieties. This melon contained a powerful “first generation” antioxidant (superoxide dismutase), which preliminary studies suggest, prevents the formation of new free radical species. By utilizing this first generation antioxidant, Meaningful Beauty's formulas are designed to help protect your skin against the visible signs of aging in a remarkable way.”
This is skin care, not science fiction
So why is the key Meaningful Beautiful ingredient referred to as a “rare French melon?” What is the name of the melon? Google the phrases “rare French melon” and “French melon” and the results offer limited help.  I found out that the French name for a cantaloupe is a “Charentais” melon, which is especially prized in France for its rich, honey finish. No word on its potent antioxidants, but the Meaningful Beauty website gives this answer on their FAQ’s page:
What kind of melon does Meaningful Beauty's patented melon extract come from? The patented melon extract in Meaningful Beauty’s revolutionary treatment products is taken from a rare form of "cantaloupe charentais", which is grown only in the south of France.
Does meaningful beauty work?
With a very beautiful woman attached to lure consumers, is Meaningful Beauty just a gimmick? Does it work? I think the commenters below are much more apt to reveal the truth than one person's opinion.
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My opinion is it’s going to take a lot more than fruit to mimic the skin tone of one of the world’s most celebrated supermodels. I'd rather find my meaning in skin care products with more research to back up their claims.
Where can you buy Meaningful Beauty?
Meaningful Beauty is marketed by TV marketing pros Guthy Renker (home of Proactiv and Youthful Essence) as the “Complete Age Maintenance System." The line consists of a cleanser, moisturizer, night fluid, eye cream, masque and neck cream. Meaningful Beauty can be ordered as an introductory kit that gets you an automatic shipment every 90 days. 

Give us your opinion of Meaningful Beauty - -  Is it a scam that pulls you into a customer service nightmare? Or does Meaningful Beauty really work for you?

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they ONLY allow you buy FIRST time IF you automatic "forced" click on "buy an order the 5-Piece 30-Day Supply". Why and What? - Give us a chance to buy ONCE. When I read this: "Starting 30 days from your order date, you'll receive a new 90 day supply of Meaningful Beauty® every 3 months at a guaranteed price of $39.95 plus $3.99 shipping and handling per month which will conveniently be charged to the card you provide today unless you call to cancel." Hey wait a minute, first I need to try, then I can decide if I want to buy more or NOT. Sure, if you try to back, what a pain to get your money back. They need to change this right now. I heard this is an awesome product. I'd love to try, BUT buy my first and not "forced" authorizing NO ONE to charge 2nd time in my card.
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MONEY is the issue you are debating; and, I believe you doubt MB will work for you. I'd treat myself to a facial at a spa and relax. TLC helps.
It is a hassle if you aren't prepared for it even if you get a nice rep to help you. Ulta has MB if you want to just buy one thing, like the special pumpkin serum, single purchase no strings attached but higher prices.
Ulta has MB products that you can try/buy separately but at higher prices no strings attached and they have a decent return policy if you aren't satisfied, you can even buy online and return to a local store for refund or credit. Auto ship is a hassle when the charges come unexpectedly and you don't need refills. But it is cheaper to get a couple shipments than to buy separately if you use all of it all the time.
Really it’s true ,Now I am 45 years old and my skin turns to rough ,there are so many black spots on my face ,My skin has become too loose ,some friends refer me for use of Anti-aging Skin Care of a Beautiful Lady ,Do you have any idea on this matter ?
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The melon used is not rare in France; that the one we eat on a regular basis.... (I come from there!) Just mashed it and put it on your face. A regular organic 3,5% Yogurt mask works very well on my face... You don't have to spend a fortune on cosmetics ato have a healthy skin. Have a nice day.
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I am 74 and totally pleased with all the meaningful beauty products except for the dark spot remover. I have Rosacea and had anything in my order been in the least bit harsh, I would be the first to notice it. I read all the negative comments and wondered what in the world people are complaining about. My skin glows and when I look good, I feel good. I've tried every cream from Avon to skin Cell Therapy and this outclasses them all. I wish I could take an after picture of my face. Yes, I am 74.
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in MY opinion, and jjust remember folks, this ssi MY opinion, how I feel, so please don't send hate-replies to me because of my comments... Here I go ...To Me, Meaningful Beauty is nothing special, nothing that anyone can't get at your local Drugstore or Health Food Store, and for me and thi should be for everyone, Rule # 1, NO MINERAL OIL, EVER. Mineral Oil is so bad for the skin and I am in muy mid 40s so back in the 70s and 80s a lot of us where using Baby Oil ( which is all Mineral Oil ) with Iodine to get our suntans. Mineral Oils molecules are too big to be absorbed by the skin but after having it on your skin for a long tumme some of it foes break down and it has been asssociated with abnormal pregnancies and it also steal nutrients from our bodies, from our livers...so NO MINERAL OIL. Mant Tanning Oil companies have stopped using Mineral Oil and instead they are using Safflower OIL, Sunflower Oil or Olive Oil. Meaningfrul Beauty starts off with a Cleanser, it cleanses the face so if you don;t want to buy Meaningful beautty go out and buy a facial cleanser but READ the ingredient list and buy a faciaal cleanseer WITHOUT " Sulfates " and ,any cleansers nowadays don't have sulfates in them because of all the hype about Sulfates being bad for the skin. Then it has the next 3 products that are to " Protect " so this is like a moisturizer/ serum with sunnscreen, then " Restore " so more moisturizers in a serm and then" Revitalize " which is the moiturizer, full of anti-oxidants and moisturrizers to help give the face a " healthy, plump radiant look ", and last they have " Renew " which are capsules filled with anti again ingredients although I have not seen an ingedient list for all of these products. So that's prettty much MY take on these products. I don't know how much they cost but you can get natural facial products at the drugstore or at a healthfood Dtore and if you know what you are loooking for II'm sure the person working there should be more than happy to help you. Just remember this, as far as getting and keeping heealthy skin withh few/ less fine lines and wrinkles, in my opinion a person shoould start off in theri 2-'s before too much damage is done to the skin, like being outdoors during the summertime, and look for products that have one of 3 ingredients in them and the specific ingredient should NOT bee buried down towards the ingredient list, it should be within the first 4-10 ingredients and thats " Vitamin C " although Vitamin C is useleess when it is exposed to oxygen so the companies use varieties of vitamin C and the most popular one is MAC ( Magnesium Ascorbyl Palmitate ), another popular anti aging ingredient is Retinol/ Vitamin A. Vitamin A IS the skins vitamin, and then a serum or moisturizer with Peptides in it and the 2 most popular peptides are Matrixyl 3000 ( Palmitoyal Tetrapeptide 7 and Palmitoyal Ogliopeptide ) and Argireline ( Acetyl hexapeptide-3 ) ...both of these peptides are very helpful in getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, the Matrixyl 3000 helps the skin to buildincrease the body's production of collagen because our bodies slow down on the production of collagen afteer we are around 30 years old, and them " Argireline " which is Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 and it has also been known to be referrefd to as " Botox in a jarr " ...it helps relax facial muscles which in turn slows down the face's muscles from constricting and contracting and then the Matrixyl 3000 helps to fill in that fine line/ wrinkle with collagen. These products can be taken internally as a vitamin suppliment and/ or they can be aplied to the skin in a serum or a cream, but whatever you do, you NEED to stick with the " program ", wash your face and apply your reums, eye creams and moisturizers and then before you plan to go to bed, do it all over again....using these products twice a day and within 30-60 days you should begin to see some results, like the looks of fine lines and wrinkles don't look so bad and the skin tone is more one tone. color, and your face should have an overall healthy look to it. One last thing, it is a good thing tto give yourself a mask or buy an exfoliating scrub because the skin is held together with dead skin cells and using an exfoiating scrub or a Mask will help get rid of those dead skin cells and reveal newer, healthier skin cells. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, an exfoliating scrub and/ or a Mask should be done at most, 3 times a week but at least once a week. Again this as ALL MY opinion, so please don't crucify me with hate-replies. Thanks for reading, have a great weekend. I am NOT an Aestitician, just someone witth too much time on my hands so I took an interest in skin care products, especially since I am in my 40's and I love to lay in the sun which as everyone should no, is a huge NO NO, but I do it anyway because I am terminally sick so I figured that I should try to make my facial skin look healthy and laying in the sun will NOT ddo this so I double up on the serums and creams during the summer months but that doesn't mean that makes it good to lay in the sun, I just try to undo all the damage the sun has done to my face and when summer is over that's when I start really taking the best care of my skin that I could afford Againn Thanks for reading and have a great weekend and a great summer...remember, use sunscreen !!!
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I ordered his product and I was not AS disappointed as many in the past. However, I experienced a poor sales person on the phone that "upsold" me to the glow lotion and the under eye cream for $7.00 more on the phone. The pro lem was that the rep failed to refrained the to let me know that the entire order was upgraded to a 90 supply that auto shops and is 119.00 the first upgraded shipment. I had to call in and explain the scenario and another rep finally refunded the difference. Buyer beware!
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Fraud. Want cheap restorative cream? 2 portions coconut oil, 1 portion of shea butter, 5-10 drops of tea tree oil and 5-10 drops of argan oil. A little rose water to scent. Blend well (emulsify). Don't listen to scam fraud losers like Jean-Louis Sebagh who sell Botox and Plastic Surgery.
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I used to get Meaningful Beauty several years ago but don't now. You can still get the products at Ulta at a higher price. If you are going to use all the products regularly the autoship program will save you money and I think you can call and skip a shipment or change the schedule. I'm pretty sure I did because I was unable to use that much in 90 days. Its I good product, but not a miracle worker. Due to my budget, my skin care comes from the grocery store now. I might pick up a bottle of serum at Ulta next time I have a splurge. It's not a scam just marketing as far as I know. If you combine all those products and buy the same types by say Olay or Loriel at the grocery you may spend more if you use them all up in a month or two. I don't so it's a better option for me. I had no problems cancelling my subscription.
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why does one melon rot and the other not? are they not the same?
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I wish there was a store that you could walk in and pick out what you wanted and needed in your moisturizers and such.....all natural, no harsh chemicals, and a real dermatologist helping you pick the right ingredients and amounts.
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Two tablespoons of coconut oil, one tablespoon of shea butter, and a few drops of tea tree oil or argan oil. Blend well. A little dab will do it! Quite inexpensive, and all natural.
Interesting.  The shea doesn't make you break out? 
Just reread the original question and it should be majorly updated! Cindy Crawford HAS admitted to Botox injections and fillers, and other stuff. Earlier pictures can be seen online of Cindy with all kinds of sagging and aging skin on her belly (from children) and on her face. People made mean comments and not too soon after she appeared with a weird looking eye lift (it's a picture with Heidi Klum at fashion week a few years ago, for those looking for befores and afters.) PLEASE people! She is not superhuman, just a supermodel, and her skin sags and falls just like every forty-plus woman's....she just has waaay more help fixing it (thanks to the meaningFUL money thrown at meaningLESS beauty.)
It doesn't cause me any trouble at all. Very soft and smooth, but again, a little goes a long way.
I've often said to myself that I will, one day, buy ALL the BEST ingredients and make my own, strong, anti-aging moisturizer and I spoke to my Pharmacist about it and he said " you need to be careful because some of the ingredients have HIGH PH levels and you really need to be aware of that because you could be doing more harm than good to your facial skin. I also didn't know that some of the ingredients have to actually be " cooked " all together and then cool down to add more ingredients that would break down if cooked...it's complicated, but there have beeen a few times where I would add pure Vitamin E to whatever facial moisturrizer I was using at the time and I added it to give my moisturizer a BOOST because of how dry my face was after spending a day out in the sun during the summer, and I would first apply pure Aloe on my face and since it is like a " gel " I would wait for it to dry and then I would put on my moisturizer. I guess putting together all the natural ingredients of a moisturizer would not hurt your skin, it's when you might want to add some " Peptides " or some " Retinol " that would make it a bit more complicated. Ask your doctor or your pharmacist about it before you do anything just in case, you wouldn't want to put anything bad on your face and possibly get a bad reaction from it. Good luck !!! I would love to hear how it all turns out if you do decide to try to mix together your own moisturizer...here are a few links I've looked at in the past about making your own anti-aging moisturizer... truthinaging.com/review/make-your-own-anti-aging-face-cream.... This one is for just a regular, "plain" facial moisturizer... inhabitat.com/diy-make-your-own-all-natural-moisturizing-face-cream I guess you can purchase the ingredients you want in yourr moisturizer at any Health Store, like GNC or maybe your Pharmacist can tell you where a good place to buy the ingredients you want...Good Luck !!!
I called in December 20,2013 to cancel. We as of today 1/15/14 I haven't gotten an email saying I canceled. They are still taking money from me. I had to cancel my credit card. I have called 8 times. Cindy you should be ashamed of your self for having people work for you that don't care about how they treat your customers. I will be call the BBB. Please do not order anything from Cindy.
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Is this product good for men?
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I am a 60 year old man. My friend gave me some of her MB products to try. I use the serum on my face and many of the wrinkles have dissipated. The neck treatment has firmed up the skin. The eye lifting cream has helped to reduce the dark circle color under my eyes and the Glowing Serum has made my scaly knees and elbows look great. I guess I was a real mess. I have been using these products for 1year, I thought it was stupid for a man to try these products but my friend asked me to try them for 1week and the results have been positive for a year now. It appears I'll have to remain a MB recipient. John M.

Do you ever wonder. If you use products like this and then no longer use it does your face , neck, chest become more saggy ? In other words if you stop using what happens does it make matters worst?

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