L'oreal snake oil: Sublime Slim

Beauty in Seattle on 20 Jan 2007 at 12:10pm

L'oreal has taken the path of a shlocky late-night infomercial with its new Sublime Slim body firming patches.  It upsets me that a trusted brand like L'oreal decides to make unsubstantiated promises that put it in the league of breast enlargement pill makers. 

L'oreal advertises the Sublime Slim as "Overnight power firming", where with one application your supposed to experience firming ofsublime slim from loreal makes plenty of body slimming promises body areas like your thighs or stomach (shown in their ad images). 

The L'oreal website takes the promise another step further, stating that the patches get rid of cellulite.  If you dig deeper you'll discover that the reported results are actually much less than slimming and cellulite busting: "Skin is smoother and appears softer."  Anyone else sensing this product is nothing but snake oil?

Sublime Slim looks like a biore strip (which also didn't live up to their promise) and contains caffeine.  Caffeine for cellulite treatment has kicked around for a while, including silly products like coffee tights.  I say to L'oreal prove it.  Show us that caffeine works, let alone the patch. 

Heck, if caffeine works, then we might as well take coffee baths.

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I used their nasty hair color. After using it I felt it was hard to breath, my throat hurt, I reached up to my head which was becoming itchy and my head was SWOLLEN! I went and washed my hair 6 more times to get ALL of that crap out. I called to complain all they offered was my money back on their nasty product. I will never buy ANYTHING from Loreal as they use genetically modified food crap in their products and know it causes allergies as it has happened to people in every country!!! Yet they continue to use it, Nestle's corp now owns half of Loreal. I think they are both nothing but toxic waste and I do not buy anything either company sells... Good start? Toxic waste start.
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BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT-DONT USE- SUBLIME SLIM :NIGHTTIME CELLULITE FIGHTER- I used it and had a very bad reaction to it. After I applied it, I dont know what it did but it felt like the lower half of my back and legs were falling apart. I was in so much pain, I couldnt sit, I couldnt lie down and I couldnt even walk across the store when I went to walmart one day. The pain started in the middle of my back then went from side to side on the top of my thighs and thru my hips and made my stomach extremely nauseated. I was in constant excruriating pain and ended up having to go to the hospital (they were so lame that they put me in a wheelchair in the waiting room after I was brought in by ambulance, so I got up and walked out) I finally ended up going to a chiropractor to see if it was the sublime slim messing with me or if I actually had a problem with my lower back. He took an xray and told me that there wasnt anything wrong bonewise that the problem was a SOFT TISSUE ISSUE. Thats exactly what I thought. This stuff is dangerous,one of the ingredients will even tear your muscles to pieces. I looked up the chemical ingredients online and one of the ingredients in particular- CHLORPHENESIN- has a CURRENT FDA WARNING about it and it is NOT currently available in the US. Another product with the same ingredient was taken off the shelves in stores. And yet L'oreal keeps right on selling it! I should sue them for all the PAIN AND SUFFERING I went thru after using this crap, I was sobbing my eyes out so hard you would have thought someone died, I hurt so bad. If I can find a Personal Injury Lawyer that will take the case, I am going to do it.
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