Is Kate Gosselin Encouraging Plastic Surgery?

MakenzieR on 7 Jun 2011 at 11:00am

Kate Gosselin tummy tuckWhy are people upset about Kate Gosselin being happy with her tummy tuck? 

Kate famously received a tummy tuck on national TV during an episode of her hit TLC show. She hasn't been shy about how pleased she was with the results, but is now being criticized for "advocating plastic surgery." 

A Twitter fan asked her "As my wife goes in her for her tummy surgery after three large pregnancies, any advice?"

Kate replied "yes! [sic] Get through the first two weeks of pain and yuck and it'll be the BEST decision you've ever made! How's that? ;)"

In a post on, writer Kimberly Ripley rants "Our society of cosmetic quick fixes is crazy enough as it is. People don't need Kate Gosselin going around telling women they'll be oh, so happy if they have a tummy tuck. Kate Gosselin pregnant with sextuplets It's absurd. It's not reality. It's unbelievably expensive. And it's probably not in the best interest ofevery woman's health."

A tummy tuck is a serious decision. True, Kate got hers for free. The average cost is $8400, and that's without a full Mommy Makeover. But plenty of women on RealSelf save their money to gift themselves this life-changing surgery, and they are just as pleased as Kate with their decision. 

I can't imagine any woman, no matter how happy she was with her results, implyling that all moms would be happier if they did this. It's apparent in almost any tummy tuck review that it takes a lot of time and research to make a decision, and even more time to prepare and recover. But for 91% of RealSelf members, it was all worth it. So why shouldn't they share their elation when asked? 

Does giving someone solicited advice equate to advocation? Because it's on her Twitter and other female followers will read it, does that mean she's encouraging them to run to a plastic surgeon? 

Kate Gosselin after tummy tuck          Tummy tuck before and afters

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Looks like it is kind of botched!
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Wow!, this was an insightful article. In theory I’d love to blog like this as well - taking the time and real effort to make a decent blog post… but all can I say… I procrastinate too much and never really seem to get something done
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Thanks for positive feedback, marini! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Celeb plastic surgery is such a common topic in the media, but critics seem to forget that not all of these procedures are "quick fixes." I'd love to see a celeb be open enough about their procedure to post pictures of their recovery process! That'd probably surprise a few people. 

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Agreed. Her belly button was probably where it was. Good for her.
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Oh yeah, and her tummy tuck is wack.. it looks like her belly button is just a weeeee bit too high..

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I'm no expert, but from what I've read typically in a TT they pull the skin downward toward the pelvis. So I'm guessing her belly button was high already! 

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Wow, I can't believe how big her stomach was... that is pretty incredible.
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Then I must be "double" bad because I am elated with the results of both my gastric bypass & recent tummy tuck! I tell people all the time how happy I am, but I also let them know real fast that with both surgeries came lots of research and being 110% ready mentally, physically, and emotionally.
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Congrats! It's sad people don't understand that no one who's been through a surgery like a tummy tuck would say it was a "quick and easy" fix for post-pregnancy or weight loss. But what's so wrong with being happy and proud you made a decision to get your body back?? 

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I don't think she's advocating it at all. Advocating not being shy about it, maybe, but even that's not a bad thing.

Women have every right to be proud of their bodies and do what they want to make themselves happy. Tummy tucks -- for the right candidate -- are a really tranformative surgery, both physically and mentally. Physical deformities -- and let's be honest, after pregnancy or massive weight loss, your abdominal muscles are not in their natural position -- can have a huge impact on the way a person feels. If someone researches the surgery, can afford it, and it will make them feel better naked or on the beach, they absolutely should do it.

I guess I'm an advocate too? ;)

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They should have thrown in a waist while they were at it. Ew.
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