Does J.K Rowling look like a billion bucks?

Beauty Cred on 8 Jul 2007 at 8:03pm

J.K RowlingJ.K RowlingThis is a busy time for J.K. Rowling, 41, who recently completed penning the last book in her “Harry Potter” series while busy attending premieres for the opening of the latest film in the Wizard’s storyline, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.”

Her books have worked their magic globally on children as well as adults, and they have enabled her to rise in status from living on state benefits while unemployed, to being a billionaire who is richer than the Queen of England.

Rowling’s before and after pictures shown in this post… and I’m guessing you can tell which is which, show that she has used some of her fortune to tidy her physical appearance. Many speculate that she looks better as time goes on, but there is no proof that she’s had any plastic surgery. In my opinion, she looks like she completed an episode of “What not to Wear,” in which she had a head to toe makeover. I love a good success story…

What do you think? Has J.K. Rowling had some help from a cosmetic surgeon?

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she's still homely despite the obvious fixes - but since she has the money she can hire the best doctors to work on her face and body - although homely by au naturo she does look a damn site better than pre-surgery and special facial treatments.
Looks to me like she had a blepharoplasty, brow shaping, new haircut/color and new makeup. That's it.
I think ou hit it right on the head. Exactly what I thought, although I have never neard the word, "BLEPHAROPLASTY" !! Just guessing at the possibility of work done to her teeth (ORTHODONTICS)since she more confidently displays an open smile. Or maybe it is that she now has something really to smile about!!!
well, she seems to look a lot younger now. definitly well-done cosmetic surgery, just look:
I totally agree with you on the What Not to Wear reference-I think she just cleaned up. Either way, I don't care because I think she's amazing!