Hula Hoop Workout for Weight Loss - Hoopnotic review

Beauty Cred on 30 Oct 2008 at 1:42pm

I decided to try out the Hoopnotic TravelHoop exercise program. The Hoopnotic program is basically a ramped up grown-up version of the hula hoop you knew as a child—only now things are serious as this hoop touts the ability to get you in shape and get you a few pounds lighter.

Here's what I knew going into Hoopnotic:

  1. My stomach has always been my "better" feature; still fairly in shape post-children, but it could use a little attention now and then. I'm just not tummy tuck material (yet).
  2. My yoga studio has offered bellydancing classes. I hadn't taken them, but I've done workouts with similar moves and those gyrations absolutely tighten up tummy muscles.
  3. It's a hula hoop! How hard could this be?

Here's what I found out: it's not as easy as it looks. A couple of us at had joked about me videotaping myself "in hoop"—I'm now glad that didn't happen.

First, I snapped together the Hoopnotic TravelHoop. As I kept snapping the pieces together, I realized hey—this thing is LARGE. It's 44" in diameter. I must've stared at it for quite some time wondering how I'd ever keep it in motion on my body.

One thing that helps is that the Hoopnotic hoop is wrapped with a colored elastic-like band—that's the striping you see on the picture of it. It actually provides some padding—and friction—as you're going through the hula-like motions, which helps keep the hoop from falling to the floor.

It's recommended that you allow a full 8 square feet around you (that means above you, too) in order avoid breaking any lamps or fine china. I found the space in my house, but I question how easy that would be in a Westin room. And trust me, this is one workout you probably want to do in your room...alone—at least until you get it down to a fluid dance a'la rhythmic gymnastics or you're in a hooping class (yes, they exist).

Finally, I was ready to watch the instructional dvd and get hooping. So I did. And I did not. I tried and tried to get the hoop going on my hips and could not. I could easily do the "anti-stress" hoop exercises, but the moves I really wanted to do to help my stomach muscles, well, let's just say I have to keep trying. And I will. The women in the Hoopnotic videos just make it look so easy that I'm convinced I will be able to do it, too. So stay tuned.

WiWi: Was it Worth it? Well, to coin the classic relationship phrase, my experience with Hoopnotic TravelHoop has been one of, "Darling, it's not's me." At least that's my stance right now. I do think that if I can get the hang of keeping the hoop on my body it will yield results. It is large, however, so if you try any of the Hoopnotic Hoops, be sure to allow enough space. Hoopnotic Hoops go for about $45.

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I just purchased my third hoop. I can't wait for it to arrive.
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How much weight do you have to use to get your belly flatten? How long do you have to hula hoop a day?
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Hey Rayna, I have been hula hooping since I was a kid. I actually hula hoop for 25 minutes just now. Although I've been hooping long I never did tried to do what your doing. I can hoop it from my hands to my neck to my waist but it hurts. Am I using the right hula hoop weight(3lbs.)?
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I recently heard that Marisa Tomei used the Hoopnotica exercise program to get in shape for her role as a NJ stripper in Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler.
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I could never get a hula hoop to float around my hips. I just don't have that gene, lol. Glad I am not the only one ;)
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Yay Nancy! So glad you decided to give hooping a try. I know we make it look easy on the video, but that's because we've been doing it for years! As we say in our introduction, be patient with yourself and your body - some of these moves you very well may "get" in 5 minutes, but some of them require repeated practice over a week or a few weeks to really get the hang of. Remember though that all of this "trying" is actually having an impact on your body - so even when you are practicing a move that you haven't quite gotten down yet, you are still getting a great toning and fat burning workout! Hooping is great for the tummy, but as you start to explore the other moves on the DVD, you will also get a full body toning workout plus cardio, so keep at it! I'm always here to help, so hit me up if you or anyone else needs support! Happy Hooping ~ Rayna of Hoopnotica
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