How To Erase Chest Wrinkles - Top Treatments for Smoother Cleavage

JulesBernstein on 8 Jan 2014 at 9:00am

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We’d all love a bit of insight from these red-carpet regulars on how to vanquish chest wrinkles -- especially as this area is seen in low-cut dresses. Chest wrinkles can be an early sign of aging skin – thanks to sunscreen-free summers and the fact that the skin becomes thin, dry and loses collagen as we age.

With that in mind, we checked in with two plastic surgeons - Dr. J. Timothy Katzen in Beverly Hills, CA and Dr. Remus Repta in Scottsdale, AZ - for the most advanced ways to recapture a once-smooth décolletage. Here’s what they recommended:

Some physicians prefer CO2 laser for skin smoothing

Dr. Repta favors the CO2 laser for it’s flexibility. He explains that all skin - including the skin on your chest - has layers, and the CO2 can treat skin issues on each specific layer. “The CO2 laser gives you more control than a chemical peel -- it will take care of all the superficial-level issues; fine lines, broken capillaries and pigment issues. The CO2 laser can also address the medium layer, called the dermis. When you go deeper, the laser can actually stimulate collagen production in the skin itself. I can vary it based on what the skin needs and how much downtime the person wants," he says. 

  before and after photo CO2 laser to erase chest wrinkles

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While others like the Nd:YAG laser for chest wrinkles

Dr. Katzen agrees that laser is better than a chemical peel for the chest -- but prefers the Nd:YAG, as it falls in between the CO2 and Cooltouch lasers in terms of aggressiveness to the skin. "In the chest area, I’d go conservative and do up to three treatments with the ND:YAG laser,” he says.

before and after photo Nd:YAG laser to erase chest wrinkles

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All that said, Dr. Repta cautions that lasers aren’t for everyone: treatment recommendations do vary by ethnicity. For skin resurfacing, you have to take into account the Fitzpatrick Skin Type - which grades the skin on its ability to tan.

The grades range from grade 1: people who have no melanocytes (the cells that create pigment) to grade 6: people who always have dark skin. The idea is that Fitzpatrick grades 1 and 2 (and some 3’s) can safely have resurfacing done without stimulating their melanocytes - which can cause undesirable discoloration. 

The deeper 3’s, 4, 5 and 6 level patients are at risk, Dr. Repta says, for creating pigment issues if you resurface them aggressively.  So, those patients have to have a test spot worked on to see if they're viable candidates -- and if they don't qualify, he reccomends Ulthera or fat grafting. "You can easily make the wrinkles better, but then you can create pigment issues, making it worse."

Ultrasound is also an option

For wrinkling in the deepest layers of the chest skin, Dr. Repta likes Ulthera (also called Ultherapy), an ultrasound-based treatment.

"Essentially, what the CO2 laser does to the top layer of the skin, Ulthera does to the deep layer of the tissues. The doctor uses a wand to apply ultrasound waves to the skin, and the waves penetrate the deepest layers of skin, where collagen growth is stimulated," he says.   

before and after ulthera to erase chest wrinkles

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But, before you sign up for Ulthera, do know that some Ulthera patients have reported the procedure is painful. And, like some of the other treatments for stopping chest wrinkles it is costly - starting at an average of $2,000 or more.

Or, micro fat grafting may be the way to go

Another treatment Dr. Repta uses for the deeper layers is fat grafting. Volume loss happens at the medium and deep layers of the chest skin, and this is one way to 're-fill' and plump the skin. Fat grafting is also a useful technique for the face. In this procedure, fat is removed from other areas of your body, possibly your abdomen, hips or thighs. It undergoes a special preparation process, and is then injected where you need it most. 

before and after photo micro fat grafting to erase chest wrinkles

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Fat grafting can be done under anesthesia or sedation if you choose to do it that way, and could cost between $2 - 5,000, depending on the size of the area to be treated. A last consideration is to make sure that your doctor is experienced with micro fat grafting. Over-filling can leave an irregular or “bumpy”  appearance.   

That said, there's always the “Vampire Facelift”...

Dr. Katzen favors a treatment specifically for the upper chest and neck areas that is relatively new ... with a relatively scary nickname. Platelet rich plasma (a.k.a. PRP) is called the "Vampire Facelift" because it involves taking a patient's blood -- and spinning it until the natural growth factors in the blood, which are used to heal injuries, are isolated.

Then, those growth factors are injected back into the face and chest. Dr. Katzen says the growth factors help tighten and smooth skin that's beginning to take on a "crepey" aging texture.

It’s gotten a lot of positive early reviews, and doctors estimate the effects can last as long as 18 months. But, even though you're using your own blood as a "fix" for your wrinkles, it definitely isn't a free treatment. It costs an average of $1,000.

before and after photo vampire facelift to erase chest wrinkles

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Or, neck lift surgery

For the most permanent solution, Dr. Katzen recommends the neck lift.  Although, he does like to save this as a last stop for severe wrinkling. With a neck lift, an incision is made near the ear or back of the neck, and the skin is then pulled tight. The hope is that this will also tighten the chest skin and improve the look of the décolletage, as there isn’t really an effective way to surgically lift the chest.

before and after photo neck lift to erase chest wrinkles
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And, one final thought...

Though all of these treatments offer a degree of improvement that wasn't available in years past, Dr. Repta reminds us that there is no "magic bullet" treatment for the chest. These treatments may certainly help, but none of them will make you 16 again.

In addition, you should know that it's likely that you'll have to do several rounds of these procedures to maintain your desired result. There isn't a 'once-and-you're-done-forever' type of treatment for chest wrinkles (with the exception of surgery). 

Last, prevention is key to prolonging the need for any sort of anti-aging procedure. No matter how promising any of these look, both physicians strongly recommend you apply (and reapply) sunblock to stave off the doctor's office for as long as possible.

Heard about other chest wrinkle treatments? Tried any of these? Let us know in the comments below!

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I have been getting IPL treatments to my face neck and chest for several years. I recently had the tops of my hands done. It pretty much caused all my small freckles and moles to scab over, and with regular applications of the simple but effective Paw Paw cream, to simply rub off. It really has no downtime because when it does darken a light application of face powder blends it in. I really notice how my skin not only looks even in skin tone after the treatments but seems to rejuvenate and appears less wrinkled. It has a bit of a bite to it, (I've found it mildly painful, but mainly the first time as my pigment was a lot darker and sunspots more plentiful the first time.) I also get this done by a lovely Dr in Bali and the price is so much cheaper than here in Aus. Another plus is that a fully trained (in Australia) surgeon consults with you first, as apposed to walking in to a beauticians and having no idea on the persons training or skill. Add in a little Botox for my eyes and forehead and I'll put of a facelift for a few more years. (48 in sep) hope this helps.
Silcskin Decollette Pads are a 100% medical grade silicone pad, are completely non-invasive and the difference is noticeable after a couple of nights. They are economical - and really seriously work! Just look up Silcskin Decollette Pads and you will find their amazing products.
I have been using the Obagi Nu-Derm on my face for several years and I also use it on my chest, hands and arms with great results. There are many fine products the PS offices can help you with. Also, I am going to have BBL, broad band light, in the future a couple of times a year to boost collogen prduction in my face and chest. It will really help long term but does need to be done several times a year. It feels like a rubber band snapping your face but is very tolerable and, NO down time.
I absolutely love the Obagi products. I have used Obagi Clear and Sunfader on my chest for the brown spots and a Chestsaver Simply Smooth for the sleep wrinkles.
Any non-evasive procedures you can recommend or preventative products you could advise?

Hi SoiraaLee! Thanks for reading, and for the questions! Non-invasive procedures are typically considered procedures that do not require an incision, or for the skin to be broken (like with an injection). So, any of the laser treatments and Ulthera are all considered non-invasive. That said, there may be some redness and swelling after those procedures, and some down time associated with them because of the redness. As far as preventative products go, both doctors recommend sunscreen as the best thing you can buy to protect your skin. Most doctors I have ever spoken to have told me to use sunscreens with physical blockers, such as titanium and zinc, because they last longer in the sun than chemical blockers. I hope this helps!

Thanks for the great information!

You're so very welcome! I'm glad you found it useful! If you ever decide to try any of these treatments, let us know how it goes for you!