H&M Models are Computer Generated

MakenzieR on 9 Dec 2011 at 2:00pm

Did you know that H&M puts real model's heads on computer generated bodies?? 

It’s not a real body; it is completely virtual and made by the computer,” H&M press officer Hacan Andersson told a Swedish newspaper.  At least they're honest about it...

It's no secret that most magazine and ad photos have been Photoshopped.  And we've all been warned (or experienced) the affect that can have on women and men's self-esteem.  

But something about this photo posted on In Your Face really shocked me in terms of setting unattainable beauty ideals.  Not only are these bodies computer generated, but they're all exactly the same (with different skin color, obviously).  I don't know why that takes it to another level for me, but it just does.

[Not a slideshow, just a screen shot from one]

H&M photoshop models

Personally, I don't care what someone does to change their body as long as they are safe and smart about it.  But even the best plastic surgeon or dermatologist can't give you a computer generated result.  And as more and more of us opt to go under the knife, needle, or laser, we need to be realistic about what we can achieve.

"Remember that models don't look like models.  Celebrities don't look like celebrities.  You can take certain features of the face or body to emulate in planning cosmetic surgery, but some of these features are manufactured by make-up and photography. Many of these models look exactly like you, without all the make-up."  - Dr. Robin T.W. Yuan

What do you think about CG models?  Is it any different than Photoshopping a real body?  Does it make H&M look better or worse for being honest?

Photo credit: H&M via In Your Face

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let's be honest. if someone were to pay you a tidy sum to just use your hands, or feet, or whatever, you wouldn't take it and put it in a resume for modeling?

I definitely would! But I'd still wonder why they didn't want to use my body, when it's a body shot. Paycheck is a paycheck though.

Oh nevermind. I just re-read. But still !

Right? I can only imagine working hard to be a model (remember what the Victoria Secret girls said they eat before the show??), then to feel like your body still isn't "good" enough and has to be replaced by a CGI... lame. Although on the plus side, they had their pick from tons of pretty faces and picked yours...

As Megan said, I wouldn't be surprised if part of it has to do with money. 

Lol I'm just wondering who feels worst, the girl who got her head cut out of the picture or the ones who saw they only used their head.

hey, how do I get one of those computer generated bodies for myself?  :-)  been looking for a new pic for my facebook...


To me, it doesn't seem any different than photoshopping. A computer manipulated body is a computer manipulated body.

As for the question "Does it make H&M look better or worse for being honest?" Before I would take a firm stand either way I'd want to know why they decided to do it. H&M is known for their low prices, so if it was to save $ on hiring models, that would be understandable. Either way, honesty always seems the best route no matter your "why".

Is it really any different than dressing up Barbie? Give credit to H&M for being honest about what it is. Catalogs use “figurative” models to display clothes, and until advertisers use anatomically average people instead, why not use Barbie? At least people know what they are getting.