Did You Know August Is National Hair Loss Awareness Month? 5 Ways to Get More Hair

K. Mathews on 13 Aug 2014 at 8:30am

Did you know August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month? How are things looking on top of your head?

If your hair is a little (or a lot) more sparse than you’d like it to be, you’re not without options. Here are five methods you can try in order to regain your luscious locks:

1. Hair Transplant

Collage photos courtesy of Dr. Samuel Lam

Hair transplantation is the process of permanently restoring hair by surgically transplanting new follicles into bald areas on the scalp. Despite the soreness that follows and the average price of $9,400, 80% of RealSelf users have rated the procedure as Worth It. “I wish I had [my hair transplant] done years ago,” says RealSelfer hair60. “It definitely has done wonders for my ego.”

2. Medication

Rogaine Box
is a popular over-the-counter treatment that many find successful at regaining hair. Propecia is also popular with balding individuals, however you will need a doctor’s prescription to get that. Seeking a doctor’s advice is always a good idea no matter the option you're considering, since different medications are better for different types of hair loss. While many consumers swear by these medications, it’s important to note that hair loss is likely to return once use of these products has stopped.

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3. HairMax LaserComb

The HairMax LaserComb is an at-home device which uses laser light energy to stimulate active and dormant hair follicles. According to the product’s website, the HairMax has an “excellent safety record with no serious side effects.” While the treatment has been approved by the FDA, many doctors are skeptical about the extent of its benefits. “There are no published studies to show that LLLT (low-level laser light therapy) works compared to placebo,” explains Dallas plastic surgeon DJ Verret. “This is the only device which has FDA approval to say it does increase hair growth. Unfortunately, the study which was submitted to the FDA has not been published or available for public review.”

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4. Hairpieces

Female Hairpiece
If surgeries and treatments aren’t your thing, you could always go a more traditional route with a wig or a toupée. Hairpieces are not without their own hassles, however. The more authentic they look, the more expensive they are. Depending on much you’re used to styling your natural hair, a wig or toupée may require even more maintenance. (Believe it or not, you can't go weeks on end without washing and styling a wig, especially if it's made out of human hair.)

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5. Latisse

Latisse Bottle
Latisse has earned a whopping 83% Worth It rating for its ability to produce longer, lusher eyelashes. Could it also be used on the scalp? Studies are currently underway to determine whether this is an effective option for battling baldness. While several RealSelf users have already sung its praises, you might want to wait until the study is finalized before investing in a product that’s so expensive (especially when used on such a large area).

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Courtesy of Rogaine; Courtesy of HairMax; Courtesy of Hairdo; Courtesy of Latisse

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I have very thin hair like my mother and her mother; grandma was bald when she passed away. I wear wigs like she did, but I leave them off when running, swimming, skiing, biking, etc. Wearing a beautiful wig helps me feel less self consious (pardon the spelling!). For great tips on wigs and new looks, I use the Youtube site, Many Faces of Beauty. April does a great job demonstrating how to wear wigs, tries new styles and colors, and is just a Diva! She gives her honest opinion about wig quality and ease of application. Very helpful even if you just want to change your look for a day.
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I have seen her videos! That is a great resource. I love wigs even though I don't wear them regularly. Until I saw her stuff, I had no clue how many amazing kinds of wigs were out there!

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Wow! I can't believe we missed that either. I had to look it up as I'd never heard of it. Definitely seems less labor-intensive than the HairMax!

Check out this photo

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OMG, I totally want a hair-growing helmet. That looks so space age!

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I can't believe you missed the amazing iGrow hair growing helmet on this list! Just put it on and Grow!
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I am trying Latisse now so I will let you know how it works! :) I can't afford to rub it all over my head but I'm sure I could test a strand for you? lol



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It'll be really interesting to see what happens with those Latisse trials... wonder what the cost will be, considering how expensive it is just for lash lines!

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