Google Suggests Women Are Breast Obsessed

VVartanian on 25 Oct 2013 at 5:00am

Google's "autocomplete" function tells a powerful story about gender inequality in a new UN Women's ad campaign. So, using the same research methodology, what does Google say about our own sense of beauty or desire for change? 

We are breast obsessed.

Specifically, we want larger chests. Check out the results of our experiment with common keyword terms.

woman in bikini google search i need a bigger ...

woman in bikini google search should i get bigger ...

woman in bikini google search i want a bigger

woman in one piece bathing suit i hate my small ...

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I hated my big boobs all my life, got a breast reduction and it is like an entire new life for me. Guys don't look at you with lust in their eyes. Guess if that is important to those particular women, then do what you want. For me, I want a body that I can "live" in and not be looked at like a sex object.
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