Going Bald Sends Men to the Tattoo Parlor

MakenzieR on 5 Jun 2012 at 4:00pm

An new technique to disguise balding has men headed to the tattoo parlor, so to speak. HIS Hair Clinics uses tattooing to mimic the appearance of closely buzzed hair.

Can you tell where the hair ends and the tattoo begins?

hair tattoo

hair tattoo

"We replicate each individual hair follicle for a totally natural appearance," reads the HIS website, emphasizing the procedure is not similar to scalp shading. They call it Micro Hair Technique, or MHT®.

While traditional tattoos may discolor over time, HIS claims that their specialized pigments will remain true-to-color. 

The pictures are pretty impressive -- and the website has a plethora of video testimonials from happy patients.

They list the average cost as £2,500 GBP for one procedure, which is about $3,850 USD. From the videos and site info, it sounds like most people will need at least two treatments if not a few more.

A hair transplant procedure costs an average of $9,000, so depending on your coverage needs MHT may be slightly cheaper. But, even if you have some hair left you are committing to a barely-there-buzz cut for good.

For guys like Kyle, the boost in confidence makes the change in hairstyle seem well worth it:

What do you think about the latest hair loss treatment? Could we see an increase in buzz-headed men?

Photo credit: HIS Hair Clinic


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Two inches in length hair loss prevention every three or four months to prevent split ends. Doing this is how to grow hair faster.Remember that treating hair with different combinations of herbs or foods, such as aloe vera, rosemary, honey, eggs, milk and coriander, helps keep the hair healthy.

I can't tell the difference. It looks really good!

What happens when they go grey though?


That is a really good question, Sharon! HIS does say that the pigment can fade over long periods of time, due to sun and other elements. So i supposed it could be touched up with grey. However, I guess you could also dye the real hair to match at that point?

I will contact them and ask :)


Oh my gosh, this is brilliant!!!!