Avoid facial wrinkles by sleeping on your back. Yeah right.

Beauty in Seattle on 18 Jul 2006 at 9:57am

One of the year's best Oprah shows of 2006 had to be "How to stop the clock on aging".

Shelby, a stunning 55-year old salsa dancer, offered up her key secret for how she takes care of herself: "I sleep on my back."

In a classic Oprah non-judgmental way, Oprah responded with a "whatever works for you. Whatever works for you."

What a silly notion. As if sleeping position affects our physical appearance. Except that today another story suggested I was wrong to scoff.

London-based plastic surgeon Dr. Alex Karidis stated that:

"If you sleep on your side or face down, pressure on the face literally causes the skin to wrinkle. This is particularly true of the nasal-labial fold, which is the line that runs from the nose to the mouth. Laughter lines can also form from sleeping this way as the skin around the eyes is particularly thin. Whenever you wake up during the night and find yourself on your side or front, switch to sleeping on your back again."

In spite of the good doctor's comment, how much gravity pull is there when your head is on a soft pillow?

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Sleep lines are a well recognized dermatologic entity and were first written about in 1987 in an article by the late Dr. Sam Stegman. According to Dr. Stegman these lines manifest themselves as waves across the forehead, and lateral to the eye which has been slept upon. His theories were confirmed in another paper in an article by another prominent dermatologist James Fulton, who added that these creases may form from minute scar tissue. You can test for these lines yourself by simply applying pressure to the side you sleep on. If the lines are duplicated an accented your lines are most sleep lines. There is some variation of opinion on what to do about them. Dr. Stegman felt that by merely sleeping on your back the lines would remit...though it would take three months. However, Dr. Fulton in Dermatlogic Surgery felt that they would not resolve on their own but must be abetted by surgical procedures including subcision, fat transfer and CO2 laser.
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I do notice when I look in the mirror with my face looking down every wrinkle is accentuated.But when I look at the ceiling, they're gone. As soon as you position your self to sleep on your back, massage yourself with the bed to settle. Move your neck, shoulders moving together, back, arms moving together, legs moving together, feet moving together. Its ok to move from side to side once or twice a night but stay conciuos for that few minutes, then return to the back. I just started all this myself.
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check out the save my face pillow
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This is definitely true. I'm only 25, but I already have visible wrinkles around my eyes from the way I sleep. I sleep on my sides, and I have a very cushy pillow that pushes a crease into my face next to each eye. Over time, these lines have stopped going away on their own each day. I've tried using a satin pillowcase, I've tried wrinkle creams, I've even tried sleeping on my back, which I just can't seem to do. It's pretty disturbing.
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They have Frownies that are sold on frownies.com. What you do is you wet them and place them on the part of your face that the wrinkles are forming on and it prevents your facial skin from folding when you sleep sideways. It dries up and forces that part of the skin to remain flat. Think of a shirt. If you fold it you will get a crease. If you flatten it out and don't allow it to be folded, then you will not get the crease. Your skin is always renewing itself, so the crease or wrinkle can disappear. You can use breathable medical tape to accomplish the same goal but it has not been tested for safty so it may not be safe. Just something to think about.
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The best solution is sleeping on a DreamSkin pillowcase. The secret to this breakthrough technology is the micro nylon fiber count which is 20,000 micro filaments per square inch. It was developed by an anti aging physician and wicks away moisture from the skins surface. You can buy it online.
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Hi, I think that 'the good doctor' may have something... I am an 40 year old male. I have slept in a 'recovery position' with my face pushed into my pillow all of my life and actually find it very difficult, if not impossible, to sleep on my back. A while back I noticed that I have deep wrinkes forming from the side of my nostrils towards my eyes on each side. I puzzled over this for a while and suddenly it dawned on me - the wrinkles match the folds that are formed when I lay face down on my pillow and the weight of my head pushes on my cheek. I swap from side from night to night - causing folds on both sides as the weeks pass. I can only assume that 40 years of doing this has led to the skin 'remembering' the folds that are formed as I sleep. As far as I can tell, my 'nasal-labial' fold is no deeper than anyone elses. But I definity have an extra set of wrinkles/folds that most other people don't have. Matt
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