Dr. Hauschka says skip the night cream

Beauty Cred on 1 Aug 2008 at 9:43pm

Night cream is probably one of those beauty products that never goes missing on every woman's skincare regimen. However, holistic skincare specialist Dr. Hauschka suggests skipping the night cream and "your skin will thank you" for it.


According to Dr. Hauschka, using night creams means keeping the skin moisturized for 24 hours. That may seem like a good thing at first, but it actually interferes with the skin's regeneration and its essential functions of balancing oil production and expelling impurities. Keeping the skin moisturized round the clock "sends a signal to sebaceous glands to cut down on moisture production, resulting in even drier skin that becomes dependent on moisturizing products just to appear 'normal'.”

The team at Dr. Hauschka recommends using their Rhythmic Night Conditioner instead of more traditional night creams, since it supports the skin's regenerative processes during the night, and helps balance oil production.

Given this, would you ditch your night cream? Have you tried using Dr. Hauschka's Rhythmic Night Conditioner in place of your night cream? Tell us what you think!

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I'm a licensed esthetician and can assure you that this will definitely improve your skin! I stopped moisturizing at night and my skin looks incredible! We're always so busy covering our skin and forget that our bodies need time detoxify, it can't do that if your face is covered in thick creams. Your body knows what it's doing, let it breathe!
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These creams are almost as essential to our skincare as the moisturizers that we apply during the day. With the beating that our skin takes during the hot summer days, it is important to give it a little extra attention. But why at night you might be wondering? Apparently, that is when the metabolic activity of the skin cells are at there highest. In other words, when we are sleeping, our bodies are repairing itself. That goes for our skin as well. http://www.karmamist.com
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I did use the night conditioner, after washing my face at night and no conditioner. My face felt sooooo dry at first! I think if you have treated water with chlorine it is hard to adjust to how dry it makes your face. I had to switch to makeup removing, conditioning facial wipes before uing the product at night, this has seemed to solve the problem, and my skin looks really healthy and no more stress breakouts.
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Actually esk, I have oily skin and when I started using a moisturizing cream instead of a foamy face wash to cleanse my skin, my oil production went down dramatically. By the way, there are plenty of cures for acne. It's just that each individuals skin reacts differently. There are plenty of natural products, medications, and lifestyle changes out there. Everyone just has to find it for themselves. Plus there are plenty of medications for which the precise action in the body is not known. I've actually tried not putting on a night cream. I thought my face would look like crap in the morning. ^__^ It didn't, it looked airbrushed! Usually it looks soft and squishy like there's a residue from lotion on it. Not a real disaster but not great, I thought that's how it's supposed to look. Now it looks soft and smooth. You just have to experiment with different things to find out what works best for you. P.S. I saw a woman who helped formulate Dr.Hauschka's products--she's over 90 and doesn't look it, so I'm not so quick to throw away the advise of my elders. (especially when they look that good for their age!) lol
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That is a total BS! If Hauschka was right, people with oily skin just have to put some light moisturizer at night to "send a signal to sebaceous glands to cut down on moisture production" and make their skin more towards normal. I use moisturizer every night and have to assure you my skin is NOT drier or even less oily than normal. Dermatology is underdeveloped science and most of the time they have no idea how the skin interacts with topicals. Proof: no cure of acne or rosacea except accutane and even in the case of accutane they are 'not sure' of the exact mechanism of action of the drug. It's time dermatologists focus or real research instead of publishing nonsenses like Hauchka just because they wan't to get public.
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This makes SO much sense! We're so caught up in trying to always "fix things" with lotions, potions, gadgets, & gizmos that we forget that our own bodies are giant repair factories. Given half a chance, our bodies do a pretty darn good job of repairing things without a lot of intervention. Not to say that a little help now and then isn't welcome, but we're in the "over-do it" mode most of the time. Give your body a break once in a while!
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