Dental Veneers: Worth it?

Beauty Cred on 5 Nov 2012 at 9:00am

I had my teeth whitened the expensive way in 1999. My dentist took impressions, drilled a lot to reshape all my front teeth, and then veneered the sixteen most visible teeth. We spent a lot of time choosing colors, so that my teeth would not look like they glowed in the dark, but looked natural.

Since then we have had an explosion of research about blueberries, red wine, and dark chocolate being good for you, in addition to, of course, coffee and tea. So of course my teeth aren't completely white anymore. Not to mention the fact that because my front teeth are veneers, they won't respond to any of the newer whitening treatments.

I think I paid about $7,000 for the veneer procedure more than ten years ago, and now they cost only a bit more at $7,500. While it is more permanent than some of the newer methods like whitening strips and tray whitening, I've seen the results of those treatments on my friends, and it scores a 69% Worth It Rating among RealSelf members. If you are careful, and don't do it too often, you can get a good result at home, and not pay what I did.

My take: try to do it yourself before you spend the money on a set of veneers.


Did you have veneers or try at-home whitening? Were you happy with the results? Share in the comments below!


photo credit: Dr. Stewart C. Brody, DDS


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dear Beauty Cred, I completely sympathise with you. There is nothing better and as long lasting than your own teeth. In my practice I would have advised Invisalign orthodontics, with tooth whitening gel inside the retainers at the end. Nowadays there are many systems that give deep stable tooth whitening.
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I agree that dental veneers just for whitening purposes seems too aggressive of a treatment. I would be very surprised if any dentist would recommend them if whitening of natural teeth could improve the smile. Often times veneers are used to address things like tooth size discrepancies, spacing issues, uneven coloring from old restorations, etc. Were any of these things concerns for you, and also a reason you opted for veneers?

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I had "Zoom" done about a year ago. The results were amazing! My teeth whitened about 4 or 5 shades. However the results are not permanent. Some discoloration comes back with time. I feel the process may have weakened my teeth, as I experienced a few teeth cracking and breaking within a short time after the procedure. From a cosmetic stand point, I would do it again!
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