Courtney Stodden Proves Her Breasts Are Real on TV

Princess 19 on 8 Nov 2011 at 1:00pm

The press just can't leave 17-year-old Courtney Stodden alone. After her whirlwind romance and eventual wedding to 51-year-old The Green Mile actor, Doug Hutchison, the whispers of a nose job, breast implants, and the like soon became shouts.  So, what's a girl to do (besides attempt to get a reality show)?  Why, go on a talk show, of course, and receive an ultrasound on camera to prove once and for all that her breasts...well, that they are hers.

Courtney Stodden Dr. Drew

The aspiring singer's surprising appearance was on Dr. Drew Pinksy's Lifechangers .  Her insistence comes after another set of pre-wedding photos were released that show Courtney in a much less voluptuous state.

"A knife has never touched this body," said Courtney in her interview.

Her husband, who was there for support, has gone on record that his wife is scalpel-free.

"God was [Courtney's] only plastic surgeon," he told E! News last July.

"Like most people, when I saw the pictures, I did suspect that you had some breast augmentation." said Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. John Diaz, who performed Courtney's ultrasound on the show.

But in the end, Courtney was vindicated.  I guess that's one way to prove them wrong.  

Expect the reality show to come soon, folks.  Just saying... 

See a clip of Courtney's appearance on Dr. Drew: 

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Photo credit:  Flickr By thisissocuteaw; Dr. Drew's Lifechangers

Comments (4)

She wears so much makeup she looks horrible. I wonder if they can do an ultrasound to determine the actual age of her cells? Is she really 17?

I'm sure there are some people in Hollywood who would be quite frightened of such technology! But yes, i agree. She looks way older than that. I keep wondering why no one from her high school comes forward to talk about her? That would seem like a simple way to clear it up. Or even a yearbook....


I agree, Mackenzie. She's technically a child. And I cannot believe she married that guy. I give it a year and a half.


I read today that they did ink a deal to have a reality show -- so between her vindication yesterday and the new show, Courtney must be riding high. 

Whatever your thoughts on Courtney Stodden, I find the most disgusting part of this whole Dr. Drew ordeal is the fact that there's a 17 y/o sitting in a doctor's chair on national television in STRIPPER HEELS while a group of people comment on her breasts.