What Would It Cost to Look Like Joan Rivers?

K. Mathews on 27 Mar 2012 at 10:00am

“My body is a temple, and my temple needs redecorating!” says Joan Rivers. That may be true, but much like legitimate interior design, all of that redecorating doesn’t come cheap. So if you want your temple to resemble Joan’s, expect to pay nearly $100,000.

Rumors have recently circled that Joan has undergone 739 cosmetic procedures. It turns out that number is an exaggerated joke, but Joan, who has become the poster-grandma of plastic surgery, isn’t ashamed to admit that she has had a lot of work done over the years. It’s a good thing she is among the rich and famous though -- all of those procedures sure do add up.

Here's a breakdown of what her enhancements cost:

If you went in for a full Joan Rivers makeover, you can expect your bill to look like a bit like this*:

TOTAL = $98,790

With a price tag like that, it’s no wonder that Joan’s friends and family actually held an intervention to convince her to stop having plastic surgery. Instead of listening to their pleas, she turned the tables and offered to pay for these concerned loved ones to have cosmetic procedures of their own… and the offer was accepted! Funny how opinions on plastic surgery can change when someone else is footing the bill.

* Amounts represent the average cost of procedures that sources - mainly Joan herself - have reported her having. For repeat use items (such as Botox, which she admits to having biannually), we limited the cost to 5 years of usage.  

Photo Credit: source image via Underbelly Unlimited on flickr

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Go woman; i mean, really, if you can afford it , I REALLY don't see why you shouldn't :o) . And she looks great! C
I feel if that's what she wants then go for it. If I had as much money as she does I would have more surgery. I really believe the people that put it down are the ones that can't afford it. Mostly everyone wants to look good.
I think to each their own, if doing that has made her happy, then who am I or anyone else to judge.
so maybe a lot of people would love to get plastic surgery, if they can pay the bill.
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Her face looks young (in a plasticky sort of way), but when she moves around you can really see her age. I like her, too. She totally owns what she's had done.

Also, do you think she'd be on TV as much as she is without all that work? No way.


I actually do think she'd be on TV without all the work. Her humor and wit are fantastic, and may even be funnier if they came from a woman who actually looked 78 years old. Think of Betty White! America loves old ladies with an attitude and sharp sense of humor.


I absolutely adore Joan Rivers. Plastic surgery may not be for everyone, but I love the fact that is  never ashamed of having work done. She makes her decisions and is proud of them! Oh, and she's hilarious, too. Wish I'd seen her when she was in town a few weeks ago.