Chimp Attack Victim Charla Nash Reveals Her New Face

Princess 19 on 21 Nov 2011 at 9:00am

After a tumultuous journey, Charla Nash, the infamous chimp attack victim who received a full face transplant, is ready to debut her new face - and talk about the ordeal in her first interview.

The Today Show brought back Meredith Veira to interview Charla Nash, her first interview since receiving the face transplant.  It's truly hard to believe that it has been over two years since the day Ms. Nash was attacked on February 16, 2009 by her neighbor's pet chimp.  Left with no nose, mouth, or eyes, the road to recovery has been long.  But, with the miraculous surgery, which also included a double hand transplant (albeit unsuccessful), she has been given another chance at a somewhat normal life.

The Evolution of Charla Nash

"I'm doing good.  But, I've had a lot of setbacks," Charla tells Meredith optimistically.

Charla's hand transplants did cause a severe infection and thus, had to be removed soon after the initial operation in June 2011.

"...I felt disappointed that I had hands and they had to remove them," she added.

In time, doctors say, Charla may be able to eventually receive another set of hand transplants.

"...I've had people tell me I am beautiful and nobody ever told me I was beautiful before," she said.

Regardless of the setbacks, Ms. Nash is still a medical miracle.  And her attitude through all this is certainly beautiful.

See the rest of this amazing interview below.

Photo credit: Nash Family and Today Show

Comments (6)

I cannot believe no one told her she was beautiful before the attack. She was extremely pretty. I admire her spirit and positive outlook and wish her the best.

I agree, DJS! Quite surprising she said no one ever said that. 

the plastic surgeon did a fantastic job on both her nose and lips, looks absolutely natural!
I am in awe of how positive she is despite all she has been through....a lesson that there are always things to look forward to - even if you cannot see them.
That is an incredible transformation. I never would have thought she'd be able to look this great after all that she's been through.

I love stories that show the reconstructive side of plastic surgery! What an incredible interview. The fact that she is still so positive about life is truly inspiring.