Cindy Crawford; "I'm not perfect, but this is who I am"

Beauty Cred on 3 Aug 2006 at 6:20am

“You can't turn 40 and say: 'Screw it!'” says supermodel Cindy Crawford. “[Especially] in Los Angeles, because you look around at everyone else who is 40 and they all look good so there is a lot of pressure. You see women here in their fifties and sixties who still look great because they take care of themselves.”
At 41, Mrs. Rande Gerber is one of those L.A. denizens who looks great. "Because of the job I have always taken care of myself. I don't do a ton of different things but I do have regular facials, exercise, drink lots of water and eat right. They are the best beauty secrets there are."
Thanks Cindy, but can you be more specific?
Three 25-minute cardio workouts a week, generally walking followed by half an hour of weights. She also does yoga once a week and tries to go on a bike ride or hiking with her husband. “I'm actually happier with my body now than I was then, because the body I have now is the body I've worked for. I have a better relationship with it. From a purely aesthetic point of view, my body was better when I was 22, 23. But I didn't enjoy it. I was too busy comparing it to everyone else's.”
Food? “Three main meals a day and plenty of protein. Egg whites for breakfast, with fruit and a piece of sprouted-wheat toast. For lunch I have chicken and salad, and for dinner grilled fish or meat and a salad, with a glass of wine. I ear carbs; mostly rice and whole grains.”
What about Botox or plastic surgery? “I don't feel the need for it personally, but I have no problem with anyone who does. Maybe it's because you only notice the bad stuff but it scares me. You don't notice good surgery. But thankfully I am not there yet and I have to wait until I am to know if I will or not because everything I want to deal with now I can do so through facials, exercise or things like that."
“Things like that” include skin care – and she’s got that covered. Last year, the mom of two, released a line, Meaningful Beauty Cindy Crawford with noted French dermatologist/plastic surgeon, Jean-Louis Sebagh. The products contain "an exclusive age maintenance formulation which Cindy says has been her secret to flawless skin for 10 years -- she began a vitamin therapy injections with him and has never stopped.
The Malibu resident also recently became the face of SAFE [Skin Awareness for Everyone] Superdrug, a new campaign to raise research funds and awareness about skin cancer and sun protection. “Sun protection is so important for everyone. I wear a hat and SPF every day.
A tan isn't good for a model - once you start peeling it's hard to put makeup on. But protection is most important for children, because most damage happens before you're 18. I keep an SPF stick in the car so I can put it on the kids if we're out,” says Cindy, whose brother died at age 4 of Leukemia.
"At 41, you can't blame anyone else for your problems. You have to take responsibility. You have to say, "I'm not perfect, but this is who I am."

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Hi I have saw your advertisement on Tv that is so beautiful.
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That wasn't really very nice, Courtney. You have no idea why Karen may feel badly about herself. Afterall, we're all sold beauty in many different forms everyday and everywhere we look. It's as if we're not supposed to get older. But I thought that was the idea! I am glad I didn't die at 16. Having said that, I do believe Cindy Crawford if she says that she uses Meaningful Beauty only. She's down to earth, and happy with who she is. She purposely posed her "mommy tummy"- stretch marks and all-so that other moms wouldn't feel so bad and that they would see the truth behind all the masks that we're being sold each day. Bottom line, take care of yourself, love yourself and the body you're in. You never know when you may lose it.
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I have been using Meaningful Beauty for about 2.5 years and I love it. I am 32 years old and have fair, dry skin. Since starting this regimen I have had many compliments, from friends and estheticians. My skin looks fresh and glowing and I really do feel this line is a major contributor to that. I plan to change the frequency of delivery on some of the products as I don't use the masque as often as recomended but I would suggest that anyone who is curious tries this. A comment for Karen, who seems to be a little worked up for some reason. As for Cindy being a has-been, I don't think this is true at all but think about this- have you ever been?
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Thx Gina for your comments on Cindys skin care line...I was a little hesitant to try it, and was researching the net for testimonials, and because of your comments im going to give it a try...
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who cares if people want to use botox or any other fillers and some people just have good jeans if people want to look good thats there business who wants to look old and wrinkly anyways get over it karen and anybody else who knocks people who keep up with them selfs.
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I have been blessed with pretty good skin, no acne or skin problems really. But I am aproaching 40 and have become increasingly concerned with protecting my skin from further ageing. I had seen the infomercial for Meaningful Beauty one time before and thought about buying it then, but didn't, even though it sounded very appealing and I have always looked up to and respected Cindy Crawford (I bought her workout tapes and enjoyed her down to earth presentation). I saw it a second time and said "for around $30 it is worth a try). I have used Meaningful beauty for about only 3 weeks and I am already seeing a positive difference. My skin has always been soft and fairly even, but I have noticed that it is now glowing. EVERYTHING in the kit is GREAT! I also purchased the toner (not included in the original kit) because I like to use toner ocassionally. I talked to customer service and they now offer members the option to "suspend" their shipments so now you can get shipments anywhere from the original 3 months to up to 6 months if you have plenty of product left. I thought this is great because people had been cancelling their auto-shipments due to not needing products at 3 months. As long as they are adjusting to what customers need, I think they deserve my business. I plan on continuing with the system and recommend it to others who may not be sure whether it is worth trying ..... It works for me and I have heard alot of great things from others, too.

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I have been toying with trying her products, Gina, and was very interested in your comments. Do you use the entire line or are there products you think are the best? Thanks for your appraisal of them as your experience is the first I've read of (besides Cindy's testimonials and I'd expect them to be good!). I'm going to try it now!
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I am 33 years old and have been noticing fine lines around my eyes and my pores seem to be larger. I have always had oily skin in the T zone area and never had acne but every couple of weeks a breakout here and there. One Saturday morning I woke up, turned on the T.V. and caught Cindy's infomercial on her skin care line Meaningful Beauty. At first I was skeptical because my mom tried Principal Secret by Victoria Principal and never noticed a difference. I did a little research on the net and read a few reviews but never knew if it was all bull so I decided to just give it a shot. I paid 30$$ because I called right after the infomercial and it was a special offer. I ordered the 3 month supply...They charge my card 30$ every month. The cleanser is good...At first I didn't like it because it wasn't soapy and I felt like I had to use 2 or 3 pumps to get my face clean but the more I used it I realized a little goes a long way and my skin felt very soft and was very clean. The under eye firming cream is very good I really did minimize my fine lines. The night lotion is also very good i just feel like my face is tighter. My pores are definitely smaller because I inspected them before I started using these products. The oil in my Tzone area is so under control I dont even have to refresh my makeup during the day. The face mask is the best I use it once a week. Most importantly, I haven't had a breakout in 2 months and my skin just looks radiant. I'm sorry I am going on and on but I had had to share my Meaningful Beauty experience with someone. It takes about 3 weeks to really see a difference. Good Luck! PS. The only thing I don't like is that you can't order what you run out of you have to order evrything together. They really need to do something about that.

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I have one thing to say to word suffices, it's jealousy. Oh please like you look better than Cindy Crawford..I use her skin care line and have noticed a dramatic difference in just 3 months...If she has been using these products for 10 years then of course her skin is going to look better than the average 41 year old. That dosn't mean she subjected herself to Botox. As for her "run around husband" nothing has been proven that he in fact cheated on her. They seem to be a very loving family. Of course women want to hold onto their youth for as long as possible it's human nature..Oh and by the way she is still going strong with her skin care line and her layouts...there are like 10 greater than lifesize pictures of her in Time Square right now so that's how much you know!!!!
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Cindy Crawford is a liar. She has had botox, restylane fillers and lord knows what else done to her face. The only thing natural is that bumpy, crooked nose of hers! Look at pictures of her in those low end (I think Jones of NY ads). She looks haggard and drawn and old in the original ones. Then the ads changed and began shooting her further back and became more blurry. The woman is trying way to hard to hold onto her youth and her run around husband. I guess I am mainly upset by how dishonest she is and how she lies to American women by saying that she stays youthful by exercising and using the right skin products. I would love to see them do some before and afters to prove what is a fact about her! But i guess because she is a has been, there is no real interest anymore in her.
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