How a Breast Reduction Saved Wanda Sykes’ Life

K. Mathews on 30 Sep 2011 at 9:00am

When comedienne Wanda Sykes, best known for her roles on Curb Your Enthusiasm and The New Adventures of Old Christine, got tired of having her large boobs leaving her with an aching back, she decided to have a breast reduction surgery. Following the procedure, doctors spotted cancer in its earliest stages in one of her breasts.

Though she could have monitored the situation every few months, Sykes instead opted to go for a double mastectomy to get the cancer out and keep it from spreading, explaining, “I’m not good at keeping on top of stuff. I’m sure I’m overdue for an oil change or teeth cleaning already.”

Wanda jokes about breast cancer years before her diagnosis.  
Wanda Sykes - Dirty Jersey
Wanda Sykes Comedians Stand-Up

While cancer is scary at any stage, Sykes is thankful to have caught it before things got too serious. She was initially scared to discuss her cancer diagnosis publicly because, as an African American lesbian, she says she “can’t be the poster child for everything.” Plus the fundraising events are annoying, she jokes. “I hate walking. I got a lot of walks coming up.”

It is unclear whether Sykes has chosen to have reconstructive surgery following the mastectomy, but her old standup routine humorously fills us in on how she feels about plastic surgery on the whole: “I don’t have a problem with corrective plastic surgery… However, this cosmetic s*** is getting out of hand. Now the only way to tell if people are naturally ugly is to see how their baby turns out. Plastic surgery can make you look better, but it can’t correct that cross-eyed gene that you’re gonna pass on to your child. You better start asking to see baby pictures of his or her a** before you get married.”  

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amazing, my vanity and choice to do the surgery saved my life too!! Hats and bras off to you girl!!!!
Such a funny lady - what a positive attitude in such a trying time in her life.  Bravo.

Wow, as sad as it is to find out you have cancer, how lucky to catch it so early like that! 

I was just thinking the other day about whether or not anyone has found breast cancer during an augmention w/implants. Particularly in young women who may not be of mammogramming age yet, so they wouldn't have found it that way.  Or is it even possible based on the procedure?