Breast Enhancement Boosts Sex Frequency

Alicia on 1 Feb 2012 at 9:00am

Breast enhancements and breast lifts have always scored high in our ‘Worth It’ ratings, but we wanted to dig deeper to know how women’s lives changed – for better or worse – and, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, sex became our target. The results are in and it seems, in this case, bigger is better. Through our poll of breast enhancement patients on RealSelf, here are some of the intimate details we uncovered:

  • 70% of women claimed their sex lives were more satisfying after their procedure
  • 61% of women claimed they had sex more frequently after their breast plastic surgery, while only 7% claimed to have fewer sexual encounters
  • On a scale of one to ten (one being the least satisfying), participants experienced more than a two point increase in overall sex life satisfaction – jumping from a 6.07 to an 8.13
  • 28% of patients noted their sex life went up by four points or more based on the one to 10 scale!

bigger breast leads to bigger sex life

RealSelf doctors we spoke with said the results were not surprising, as they’ve observed many patients who have a spring in the step and renewed sense of confidence post-op. It’s easy to see how this confidence can carry over to many aspects of life, including time between the sheets.

According to hundreds of breast implant reviews and on our site, 7.5 of 10 women who have had breast implants claim it was “Worth It,” and spent an average of $6,600 on the procedure. Surgical breast lifting, which costs $10,000 on average, is similarly satisfying with a “Worth It Rating” that says 8 of 10 women would do it again.

What are your thoughts?

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You informationfemale enhancement is amazing and obvious. I was pleased with this post and am looking forward to learning more from you.
In every sex ratings breast enhancements are playing a vital role, every opposite sex person attract towards these concepts, so to satisfy every needs of sex most of the females are used to enlarge their breast. So the concepts of bigger is better is now applicable with every females they simply go for enlarge their breast size to fulfill their partners desires, scientifically it was proved that every male have a different form of attraction towards female's breast.
i agrred more its help attracting males and having better or satisfying inside feeling of wellbeing
I love natural breast. You don't need a guide to pick up women to know that women feel more confident with larger breast, but the small ones aren't bad if they're in proportion with her body. Slim chicks can get away with small breast, but thicker chicks need something that a man can grab
wow.. lighten up its just a poster lol smh
This is really stupid! Of course sex and sexual frequency go up. If a woman feels she is not attractive because of small breasts, she has a lack of self esteem, she sees herself as unattractive and not "sexy", she is not going to have sex very often. You suddenly give her the breast size she wants, she immediately gains confidence and a better, more favorable, self image. She sees herself as more desireable and sexy. That always leads to more frequent, and probably better, sex, which leads to more frequent and better sex, and so on, and so on. If this wasn't the case, women would not be going through the expence and pain of having augmentation in the first place!! Stupid study and a waste of money for a very obvious outcome, did the U.S. government have anything to do with this???