Doctors and Joan Rivers Agree: You're Never Too Old for Implants

Princess 19 on 20 May 2011 at 3:00pm

Have you ever thought about having more prominent "assets" a la Victoria Beckham?  Did life get in the way that you never got around to it?  Is there a time limit to when you should stop considering it? 

RealSelf member Phoenix2628 asks "I'm coming up on 60, I'm pretty thin and somewhat fit. Am I nuts to think about augment?"

Nine times out of 10, one would assume that when 60 rolls around, a woman is thinking more "facelift" vs. "bigger breasts."  Yet according to some doctors, if you're healthy there's no time limit.

"Breast augmentation at age 60 is certainly not nuts," says New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Shain A. Cuber.  "Procedures aren't necessarily measured by age they’re more or less measured by health and desire."

Janice dickinson boob job

Adds Georgia plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Musarra: "60 is the new 40."  One would hope that if a woman wants a breast enhancement later in life, it's to feel better about herself, period.  "My oldest breast augmentation has been 64, and was she ever happy she made that decision," says Dr. Musarra.  "If you are in good health and your expectations are reasonable, go for it."

Who is to say that the thought of nicer breasts at a much later age can't be accepted?  Look at Janice Dickinson.  She apparently upgraded her previous 36C's to a much larger "fulfillment" (looks like 2 cup sizes) - and she is 56.  The self-proclaimed "cougar" would be a perfect example of getting enough work done to match the endowment.

But, none other than the Queen of Comedy (and plastic surgery) herself, Joan Rivers, says there is no age limit to any cosmetic procedure - much to the shagrin of her daughter Melissa.  Melissa recently said, "Enough is enough" while they both appeared on an episode of The Doctors.

Joan's reply?  "The only way at this age I can get a man to touch me is by having plastic surgery."  She went on to say that she would never stop improving herself, regardless of her daughter's pestering to stop.

"I'd rather die having plastic surgery than having knee surgery," Joan says.

And there you have it. 

Would you consider body augmentation past 60? Do you have a cut-off age for surgery?

Breast implant before and after

Take a look at the rest of Joan's plastic surgery comments on The Doctors below.

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I'll be honest.  I saw Joan Rivers recently walking down the street and she looked great.  So, all the naysayers out there need to stop.  If it makes someone feel good and it matches up to the rest of the equipment, then go for it.

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If you are healthy and the procedure would be medically safe (as can reasonably be expected), and it is something you really want to do, then go for it!
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The older I get the more I'd like a breast reduction.  Good to know that age isn't really a factor! 
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