Bra Fat - The Other Bulge

21 Nov 2013 at 9:00am

By Andrew M. Ress, MD

bra fat bra rolls

You know exactly what this is -- that unattractive bulge in the upper corner of the armpit and on the rib cage, that oozes out from your bra. Patients are often planning other procedures, like breast augmentation or tummy tuck, and come into the office saying, “Oh, by the way, Doctor, is there anything you can do for this ... this … bra fat?” And the answer is, "Yes!"

What is bra fat?

Anatomically speaking, bra fat is just that -- pesky fatty tissue and a little extra skin that's a part of your torso. 

What causes it exactly?

"Bra fat" most commonly affects women over 30 years of age. Over time, and as gravity works its “magic”, the breasts descend. This  causes some of the tissue from the armpit area to move forward, where it is now more visible.

Another culprit is a decrease in breast fullness which explains why many women only notice this problem after childbirth or weight loss. Or, if the breasts are considerably heavy, they can pull the skin on the sides forward, and accentuate the appearance of bra fat.

You've also probably realized that wearing a firmer (or tighter) bra -- especially one that accentuates your cleavage -- can scrunch up the bra fat and make it more noticeable.

before after bra rolls

How can I banish my bra fat forever?

The good news is that bra fat is treatable! The great news is that for the vast majority, bra fat can be treated with liposuction, done right in the office using local anesthesia.

If your case is a little more extensive, a more assertive liposuction will be needed and light anesthesia is beneficial. Results will be immediate --  and obvious improvement in the appearance of the chest and torso will be seen.

The fee for bra fat correction generally runs about $2,500. Many women chose to take the experience to that extra step and further their enhancement with a breast augmentation, lift, or both.

The first step is an evaluation of the entire area around the breast. Each case is unique and may require a different solution for your specific needs -- including the amount of fatty tissue, skin tone, elasticity, where the "rolls" are located, as well as the size, shape and position of the breasts.

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Comments (9)

if lipo done properly all fat must be gone
Thank you!
I had lipo on my back and arm areas. I'm thinking do Dr.'s purposly not go aggressive so that you can continue to come back? Is there only so much per surgery they can remove? I was under the impression that I would not see any fat after lipo suction in the arms/back areas. I'm wondering why isn't all the fat gone. Especially after I still feel the tender/painful areas where lipo was performed.
Doctors are only allowed to remove a certain amount of fat/fluid based on each patient, for their health. It varies per patient, their weight, how much they trying to remove and where.
Is there a possibility that it will ever go away? If your statement is true, if you go back to get lipo again, could you ever get the results your looking for? Do I make sense? let's just say according to your body type Dr. Is only able to remove 500ml and you did not get the results you wanted. If you are to go back, Depending on if your weight fluctuated will they be able to lipo again in same areas. I guess I'm asking will you ever be able to get all fat removed. Thank you for your response!
yes, i feel your frustration. they should revise to tell you what is expected with what they think they can take away, but they won't know till they get started. he should based on what i have read sculpt you as they go. I think at some point though you will have to hit the gym and manage your fat.
I am 4-weeks post-op. And I cringe at the thought that I haven't worked out & still have time before I can return. I guess I'm so anxious to get back to the gym, I maybe over critical of myself. Thank you for your response, I will be evenore conscious of my eating habits and spend the next few weeks strategizing my workout. Again thanks!!
I here u really see results going into week 8! Have patience that it will all work out right.
very interesting!