Could the "Botox Mom" Story Get Any Worse??

MakenzieR on 20 May 2011 at 1:00pm

We'll keep this short since there's obviously not much judgement left to make about the situation. Here's where the story of 8-year-old Britney Campbell receiving Botox from her mother stands:

  • Mom made a sworn declaration that her name is Sheena Upton, not Kerry Campbell, and she was paid $200 by The Sun to play the role of Botox Mom.
  • "I was really pushed into it. I feel like I was really manipulated and taken advantage of... It wasn't supposed to be this at all. It was supposed to be something really little that blew up to be really big," she told TMZ.
  • Claims needles seen injecting daughter were filled with saline.
  • Then claims in TMZ videos that she never stuck any needle in her daughter's face: "Never. Never. As I stated in the oath that I gave, my daughter was even seen by professionals to prove thats she's never gotten any type of needle injection into her for any type of thing (other than immunizations)."
  • The Sun denies this, and says they weren't even the first people to run the story. Also that they didn't write it until they saw her give the Botox injections. 

Botox Mom lying about needle

WHAT? This can't possibly get any messier. Personally, if Ms. Upton is being honest and this was an "acting gig," then I think it's almost as heinous to sell your kid like that for a few bucks. What does that teach the child? Maybe she's betrothed to Balloon Boy.

Check out the video interviews with Upton/Campbell on TMZ

Who do you think is telling the truth? 


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These marks wold not be where a physician would place BOTOX. These marks do not make sense.
This story is impossibly sad. If she is telling the truth NOW (that she was paid by the Sun), then she was pretty foolish to accept a mere $200.

It seems more likely that she is indeed back-peddling given the negative feedback.

As a physician, I might also add that unless they were quite recent, a doctor would not necessarily KNOW if injections had been given in the past.

~ Dr. Andy
Terrible, from every point.

True, I am still skeptcal though. Her story seems so bizarre, I can't help but think she's backtracking now that they want to take her kid away. It'll be interesting to see what the Sun and GMA do!


On the bright side, an 8 year old is NOT getting Botox.  The mom's reputation, on the other hand = no bright side


Yup! It just doesn't seem like there is a way for her to redeem herself at this point. Try as she might!


Ugh. I think I'm even more disgusted now. What a great lesson for her daughter.