Will Botox Fix My Indented Head?

MakenzieR on 11 Jul 2011 at 3:00pm

Everybody's got something they want to change about themselves -- they're probably lying if they say they don't! This RealSelf member asked our docs if the indent in his forehead could be fixed with Botox.

The verdict: No.

But it's a great photo! If he's so excited about the indentation, why does he want to get rid of it??

Forehead dent fixed by Botox

Wisconsin facial plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Robertson suggests: "An eval by a cosmetic doc would be necessary to rule out other rare dermatologic or localized fatty tissue abnormality/disease.  If it really is just a vertical dent, then you could use a simple, temporary fix like Restylane or Juvederm or Radiesse."

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My daughter has this dent also. My doctor says it was caused by being born face up. It was pressure as she was being born. She is picked on constantly. I would like to be able to help her fix this.
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I agree with Dr. Robertson. Botox will not fix it, but you might achieve temporary improvement with a dermal filler.

I always tell my patients, "If it troubles you, see what can be done to address your concern. But if there's no underlying medical problem and it doesn't bother you, consider it part of what makes you YOU!"

~ Dr. Andy
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It's great picture to show the muscle,what white teeth.
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That IS a great photo. It looks like a really well-defined forehead muscle (or, as Dr. Persky puts it, "abnormal musculature not before seen in the recent history of mankind").

I hope he writes back to tell us what caused it.

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