Botched Season 1: How Is Charlotte Olhausen Doing After Fixing Her “Grandma Boobs?” — EXCLUSIVE

Jager Weatherby on 14 Jul 2014 at 8:30am

Charlotte Olhausen and Husband

Charlotte Olhausen got her first breast augmentation at the age of 17, taking her naturally small breasts to a body-proportionate C. She later decided to get a revision in order to correct the sagging that came with having kids but as we saw on Sunday night's episode of Botched, it didn’t go as planned.

Having put too much trust in the doctor who performed her revision, Charlotte left the procedure with implants that were twice the size of what she wanted. “Within the first couple of days, I started noticing rippling and changing of the shape,” she explained. “I'm 29 years old and I feel like I have grandma boobs."

On top of being uncomfortable and having to wear multiple sports bras at one time, Charlotte worried she wouldn’t be able to wear her strapless bridesmaid dress in her sister-in-law’s upcoming wedding. Thankfully, Dr. Terry Dubrow was there to save the day, not only fixing Charlotte’s breasts, but giving her a brand new confident attitude.

RealSelf recently caught up with the Botched star to find out how she’s doing following her breast implant revision, as well as get some inside scoop about Dr. Dubrow!

Charlotte Olhausen After Breast Implant RevisionRealSelf: You look so great! How are you doing post-Botched?
Charlotte Olhausen: I am doing great post-Botched! I’m finally back to my old self. I was so insecure having boobs that were that large and saggy. And with one upside-down what a nightmare! I ran in my oldest son’s jogathon and have been riding horses with my youngest son. I can workout with one sports bra, not four or five, and my back pain is almost all gone! I feel GREAT!

RS: What's the list of things you would recommend a friend or loved one should ask BEFORE going under the knife? What have you learned since your revision?
CO: Ask to see recent before and after pictures of patients, and if there’s a chance to talk to a few patients that have had the same procedure. Talk about your surgery goals. Make sure the result you want is realistic and that you and the surgeon are on the same page. Do as much research as possible. I wish I would have looked up reviews and took that into consideration. If any of your friends or family have had surgery, ask who their surgeon was and if they’re happy. Just because a friend/family member got something done, it doesn't mean they’re happy or have the results they wanted. I tried to hide my problem in every way possible and didn't want anyone to know how bad it really was.

RS: What advice would you give women on telling (or not telling) their friends and family?
CO: If you are comfortable telling them, then tell them. But, like in my case, just because you tell them, it doesnt mean they’re going to have the reaction you want them to have or act and feel the way you think they would or should.

RS: Did you ever talk to to your mother-in-law Dona or sister-in-law Lindsey about making fun of you? Do you regret telling them? How many people did you tell or did you feel like you needed to tell?
CO: I haven’t talked to Dona or Lindsey. I'm sure there will be an elephant in the room [after the episode airs] and honestly, I don't know what I would say to them. There is actually a part of me that does regret telling them. This was so emotional for me. Not only were my boobs messed up, but with filming and dress shopping for Lindsey's wedding, my anxiety was at an all-time high! I thought telling them they would be supportive, caring, and understanding.

I told my family (my mom, my dad, and my brother) only because I thought that if there was a chance I could be on TV, I wanted to get the OK from them. My girlfriend Kara was by my side the whole way or at least a phone call away. I would call her crying and venting and she would come over after work to hang out with me. My other girlfriend, Holly, even went to my Botched doctor appointments with me and was there for all of it. And of course my husband knew, as did Lindsey’s bridal party.

I was so mad at the doctor that botched me. I felt like the whole world should know, but I only told the people I felt needed to know.

RS: What's Dr. Dubrow really like? Do you have funny behind-the-scenes scoop you can share?
CO: Dr. Dubrow is amazing. He went above and beyond for me! He is caring, super funny, and the best Doctor EVER! I thought that after surgery it would be, “OK, great. You’re done. See you later. Have a nice life.” Boy, was I wrong. He cares about his patients so much and wants them to be happy and have great results. I still go in for follow-ups and I have a scar revision at the end of the summer.”

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The way Dona and her daughter Lindsey treated Charlotte brought me to tears! Lindsey and Dona are in no position to criticize anyones looks considering their appearance as well as Dona's sons appearance is less than stellar. Its safe to say that Dona's whole family isn't blessed in the looks department, by any stretch of the imagination. Charlottes husband is definitely lucky to score such a beautiful and radiant woman. Also I got very abusive and dominating vibes coming from the husband. Charlotte I wish you the best hun and you look gorgeous! -Jessica
I definitely felt for Charlotte and really admire her staying true to the good hearted person she is. I thought she looked beautiful trying on dresses and could see that she was so worried about disappointing her sister-in-law. I was shocked by the comments made by the mother and sister-in-law. I couldn't believe they laughed at her like she wasn't' there.
The in-laws were both despicable. The mother in-law seemed like a straight-up "mean girl" who has probably acted that way since Junior High, and her daughter was an absolute follower. They made me sick, and I felt so sorry for anyone having to marry into that.
I'm really sorry Charlotte that your mother in law was so cruel to you. Whether she was more supportive out of sight of the cameras is irrelevant. She was clearly intentionally hurtful and that bell cannot be unrung.
Well said was meant for this post.
I was disgusted with your in laws lack of support. I can understand how emotional they must have felt seeing that your only body issue is your breasts. Congratulations on moving forward and loving yourself (once again). Also, you should give Lindsey and Donna a little advice on losing a few pounds, maybe how to put down the chips or leave the sofa.
Hey watch your mouth, these are my is as bad as the internet, you cant believe everything you see...if there were no support, my wedding wouldnt be involved so take it easy...Hollywood is only gonna show you what they want you to see...take it easy
Well said.
There was no manipulation of their comments- a decent person would have never said those things or snickered and laughed like that... Just beware that your mother and sister may not be as kind towards your wife as she deserves and don't get blinded to that. You might need to step up and defend her one day cause she seems very sweet and passive- Shut It Down!
Oh just FYI- my comment was meant for Charlotte's husband....
You are dispicable, & should be absolutely ashamed! The fact that you could watch yourself & the Mo-inlaw be so cruel & blame it on TV? Get a clue! Charlotte & her hubby should write you all out of their lives for good! You are both so jealous of that beautiful girl..don't blame it on TV, you showed your true colors! Check yourself!
Completely agree!