Will Exercise Keep Your Face Wrinkle-Free?

MakenzieR on 10 May 2011 at 8:00am

We can't say this is the "latest" or even the "greatest" non-surgical facelift. We can't even say it will work. But it is outrageously funny! 

Board-certified plastic surgeons agree that exercising your facial muscles will (sadly) not help with aging.

"The facial exercises machines and facial muscle stimulaters simply do nothing to rejuvenate your face," says Dr. Jason Diamond, a Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon. "The facial muscles do not respond to exercises like the muscles of your body as facial muscles are not weight bearing muscles."

If she's really worried about wrinkles, she should call it a day and switch to Botox!

And just in case you missed the Facial Flex craze... 

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Does these facial exercises work? For real? Well I'm used to instant wrinkle corrector ;) How I FINALLY became wrinkle-FREE!!!! ;) Read here!
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It would probably take a whole session.it's just as hard not to laugh at the gym..watching all those women in group activities!!! So Hillarious!!!
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Hmmm I wonder if laughing (at that video) would at least burn a calorie or two???

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-yeah,..but then of course 'plastic surgeons' are going to say it doesn't work.Look up Senta Maria Runge'.Just try it! :0)
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I've always wondered about those strange informercial contraptions for exercising the facial muscles. Interesting information
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