With BeautiControl, Tupperware want to take the spa to your home

Beauty Cred on 8 Feb 2007 at 12:00am

Over the past 25 years your Tupperware party has modernized into an "entertaining and interactive" party: the BeautiControl Spa Escape party.   A Spa Escape is described as an experience where you:

"...have fun, relax and learn about anti-aging solutions you can use at home.
In a “try before you buy” setting, you'll experience affordable alternatives to sought-after treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peels and wrinkle-relief treatments. "

Fair disclosure: BeautiControl cosmetics and Spa Escapes are completely new to me...odd given its 25 years in the business.   A home spa party is certainly not a new concept, but a BeautiControl consultant has yet to hit my social network. 

beauticontrol competes with <a href=Arbonne pitch empty-handed, I feel lousy for weeks.  I can do with less guilt in my life.

Interestingly, Arbonne is a huge hit due to their use of a Tupperware-like distribution model (independent sales consultants); so you can imagine the Tupperware execs feel pressure to get back into the consultative sales leadership position with BeautiControl.

Yet, BeautiControl may take a slow path to urban markets like Seattle (my home town).  They appear to be going for the Mustang for skin care sales heartland consumer.  How so?  BeautiContrl consultants are offered the incentive of working your way to a cherry red Ford Mustang. Arbonne, in contrast, is about working your way to a white Mercedes.  I have nothing against Mustangs, but I can't say I know a single women in this area who covets one or would get swayed to join a sales team with the possible outcome being a muscle car.  Arbonne sales consultants work their way to a white Mercedes
I remain open minded to the products offered by BeautiControl.  Their anti-aging skin care lines are divided into 3 categories; maintenance, repair, or prevention.  The skin serum and advanced eye repair cream contain advanced peptides and polyhydroxide to repair damaged skin.  As the Tupperware CEO stated in a recent presentation "these aren't just moisturizers, but they're high-tech solutions to damaged skin."

Anyone with BeautiControl spa or product experience, please leave a comment!

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Probably crazy that I am even responding to this seeing the far-apart dates of the posts! However, I seek to know (and tell) the truth. First point: I am a Sr. Director with BeautiControl. I earned the Mustang and I love it!! Here's what you all are missing...Yes, it took consistent work to earn, but once you've earned it, it's yours...free and clear. They CAN'T take it away for any reason, you can quit BC the next day...doesn't matter - still yours. Once you become a director you get a car allowance, too, for your other car, any other car you want (I use that money to pay my GM lease). That's where we differ from the Arbonne Mercedes. The Mustang is NOT a lease in my name that the company pays for only when I meet sales requirements. I was given the title, keys, plates for 2 years, etc. Second Point: Even though I have promoted out a director, my income continues to grow in terms of commission. But also, I have made a point of NOT signing up everyone who buys from me, so I am also selling (as we all should be in BC) to re-order clients and to new clients at spas for the full catalog price and pocketing the difference (50%) as proft. I respectfully disagree with Lisa's post above. Every month I HAVE to order $1500-$2000+ in product to fill those orders and service my clients. In less than 5 years, my re-order business has grown steadily and significantly and I continue to do spas where I have 6-8 orders from each spa. No director (or other consultant) should have inventory sitting around. Your money should NOT be sitting on your shelf in inventory, it should be sitting in your bank account as profit, and you should not be ordering more inventory than you need. So if you need more sales, you need to create the business to support that need. Also, repsectfully commenting back to "nay", we don't tell people to join (well, I don't and we're not supposed to). It's a great option for some and it's NOT right for others and that's OK. If they like and want product, they become my clients and buy it from me. Point 3: I'm not sure what 1% of women in the beauty industry making it that Lisa refers to is based on, but new consultants in BC should be selling and turning profit right away...selling full retail to people. We do not sign up everyone. Your business is only healthy if it is a balance of selling and recruiting, and selling a full retail. That is one of the 3 reasons we are not a pyramid company. We are direct sellers. There is a huge difference, but most people don't understand the differences. I profit from selling to my clients (last month I sold $1500 just in client re-order) and from selling at spas. I also make team commission. I only re-invest back into product what I must in order to service my clients. ...And maybe I'm so partial to my Mustang because I love convertibles, but I love it. We can get a Mercedes at a higher director level as a lease (Each director level has different cars as their lease options or you can opt for the cash option paid directly to you, but even our lease is through BC). I'd rather be driving that awesome throaty v-8 I-own-the-road engine, top down, and fast!
I am with Beauticontrol. I love it, It is all natural, accept for the perfumes and colognes they have added fragrances. All the rest is natural by the oils and minerals, of the product, I live in Wyoming, and I love the product, they have so many products to where you can feel fresh young and alive all in one with no surgeries, and lots of easy safe time for oneself. I can be reached at {edited contact information} if you are in Wyoming. You will be glad you did, and remember you buy on line also. Editor note: Other registered users may privately contact you by clicking on your username, provided that you have opted to receive private messages (Select “My settings” to update your preference).
I just signed up to BeautiControl about 2 months ago. I love the products and it allows me to spend time with other women, as well as earn some extra $$ for school. You're right-- the party is a fun way to try new products in a comfortable environment, without feeling guilty. In fact, I bought little containers and let my friends buy product and split them between themselves. My mom's become my best "customer"-- and the fact I get the product at a discount is helpful. I hear you, Lisa. The mustang's nice (if I ever get to that level, I'm giving it to my Dad or selling it for a down payment on a house), but it's not my goal. BeautiControl is a nice way to have "girl time", take care of yourself, and get great product to look good. I've seen similar products for so much more in fancy department stores. Save the money, buy some wine, and invite friends to party.
Just because the original author doesn't understand why someone would want to work for a "muscle car" doesn't mean it isn't valuable. I just picked up my 2008 Mustang this past Friday and I LOVE IT! So do over 500+ other Directors who earned their Mustang in the past 5 years. There is plenty of abundance and prosperity in the world for those who want to work 14-18 months for a Mustang....as well as however long it takes to earn a white mercedes with Arbonne. It's a matter of preference. I'm confident in my choice of companies and don't feel the need to discredit the awards, recognition or incentive/commission structure of other companies to promote mine. I consider the Mustang that I'm driving as a "trophy on wheels." I, along with the members of our TEAM, worked together and earned it. We grew as individuals and as a TEAM. This business works for me because I work for this business. Those who are driving a white mercedes probably can say the same thing for themselves. I love the feeling of freedom that comes from knowing this car is MINE as opposed to being a lease vehicle, that its a tangible piece of evidence of the growth and consistent work that I've accomplished. Is this kind of accomplishment for everyone? Probably not. Is it 'available' to everyone? Absolutely! I'm confident that I made the best choice for me, my family and our TEAM!
You worked hard dished out money for it! I am not saying that it does not work but think about how come everybody does not have one! 500 + woemn having a car is a small number for a million dollar company! Think about all the parties you had and all of the stalking you did and time! You worked just as hard as somebody did in a factory or company!Factory or company! People need to be told the truth about joining and becoming at the top it is not easy and you will have to work hard!!!!!!! Plus it is not fair that your success comes from telling people to join then they quit so then you have to move down! How come you can't keep the car regardless of your team quitting!if somebody quits in a factory the supervisor still has his house and car!!!
“I have been an Executive Director with BeautiControl, ,earned the mustang,jewelry,trips…and was featured in the Empowering Women Magazine I have done been there and everything the fine company like MaryKay has to offer…the down side? The fact that only 1% of women make it in the beauty industry …there IS NO “residual Income” and it’s NOT willable. meaning the day you die…your up line gets your hard work efforts. Next they expect you to go all the way to the top as a CEO of your company… and still call every single person on your team and Welcome them and ask them how YOU can help them become successful…Question: What CEO of there business does that? NExt There Comp Plan is the worst in the industry..its called the stair step break away…where you actually get paid LESS for promoting a Director..I know I have done this 3x’s and realized that I am NOT brain washed and tunnel vision enough to keep booking more parties and selling more products..to get to the very top promoting more Directors…and starting ALL OVER AGAIN?? WHY? You may think hummmm maybe I should keep my options open right? You should look try it and tell me what your experience was or still is?? I bet 90% of Directors have a PILE of inventory in there garage of beauty products because of the HIGH quotas. and to top it all off if you doubt what I say, I invite you to go on EBAY and look up any home party product being sold there..if it’s being sold there ..Id raise an eyebrow :-) Good Luck to you all Lisa www.ladyexcutives.com“
I'm assuming you are talking about the day moisturizer? That would be because it's a moisturizer, not a sunscreen. You might notice that there is also a suncare line that all has a MINIMUM of SPF 15 (for face and body), and that all the face makeup also contains a 15 SPF.
Excerpt: I have a question about the SPF factor in your RE9 set. The American Dermatology Association says you should wear a minimum of 15 daily and it should block out both UVA & UVB rays. I have a read a review on your SPF that says, you only an 8 and it doesn't have the approval of UVA protection. How does a company that is so advanced not take care of the one thing that truly causes us to age and that is sun damage.