What do you think of bare legs over 40?

Beauty Cred on 13 Jun 2008 at 7:43am

More magazine's July/August issue has an article on how to fix legs "that can't go bare" and they've enlisted the help of powerhouse pro makeup artist Sandy Linter (right), who was recently keynote speaker at the Makeup Show NYC and is also Lancome's makeup pro.

I had a few minutes late last night, so I read the article. The lead-in is: Even the most well-toned legs are going to show some wear and tear after 40. But never fear: Body cosmetics and self-tanners can hide a multitude of sins.

"Sins" include varicose veins, spider veins, sun damage and brown spots. If these are sins, should Victoria Beckham have been caught in a mini looking like this? (lower left)  And she's not even 40 yet!

But here's where it gets almost comical. Here are the suggestions to employ to dare to go bare (not verbatim):

  • Try body makeup (the type professionals use)
  • Minimize contrast with sunny gels or mousses
  • Use opaque concealer to disguise veins
  • Use a gradual self-tanner as a base
  • Make sure arms, legs and face match in color
  • For extra coverage try sheer water-resistant body foundation
  • Add a top coat of ultra-sheer shimmery powder for evening
  • Substitute body moisturizing bronzer for foundation for a beachier look

That's a lot of work on one body part just to get out the door in a pair of shorts!

Then, my favorite part of this article--and I don't take issue with Sandy Linter--her tricks of the trade are sure to get you glam gams--but the accompanying "how-to" photos are priceless. It's obvious that another person is doing the legwork, so to speak. There is no way, no how that I could contort myself into some of the positions required to first ensure detection of the issues and then to cover them up without looking like some clown.

I'm a huge fan of More magazine--have been a reader since day #1, well before hitting the big 4-0. But this was one time when I felt their usual "get real" tone & style had gotten lost.

What do you think?

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Did you see Betty White's legs on "Hot in Cleveland"? Damn, she's hot, & she never had any leg surgery. If she can show it as a senior & look good, I think I'll be showing my legs more often too. (That way, I can distract people from my wrinkles.) ;)
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I am of the opinion: If you got it, flaunt it :) but I must say, even though I am a few years from forty and have nice legs, the thought of wearing a mini skirt these days just doesn't feel as comfortable as when I was in my early twenties (even though my legs really haven't changed much since then). So for me, it is a mental block, and not an aesthetic issue, to wear a mini skirt these days at a place other than the beach.
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I work in a fairly conservative industry--banking. I am just now 40 and my legs honestly aren't bad with a bit of Sally Hansen spray....my thing is I just don't feel comfortable going so bare w/a nice business skirt/suit. I see some younger girls do it but for those of you in more conservative employment, what do you do?? Bare legs along with nice business like heels (no open toes)and a business like skirt suit seem somewhat juxtapositioned to me. Perhaps way too much so.
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I don't wear pantyhose past March. Starting in April I use a self tanning moisturizer on my legs about 3 times a week. It's gradual and because I only use it every other day, my legs never have that fake tan color.
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I just received this comment in an email and thought I'd share it... I agree. Get real.My upper arms are flapping out there at this age "as is" - so the thought of working so hard on the legs is absurd. I recommend exercise to keep them toned, and flash bronzer by Lancome. Couldn't care less if they are not the same color as my face. That and keeping the pedi up and the callouses off is about all I intend to do short of zapping the varicose veins. I think More may be hiring too young editors. Anyone in their 50's and is smart - is spending more time on other things versus photo refinished gams. Thanks for the email--we'd love to have you join the discussion & post here as well! -Nancy
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They have got to be kidding. Who has time for all that? I am in a hot climate and shorts are the norm even for those who should not be allowed to purchase even one pair.I use a sunblock and cream legs after shower. that's it. who has the time and yes I think the younger mag workers need a reality check.And what about the cost of all the products. In the real world priorities are no where close the what these kids think!
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I find that a tanner helps and I use one at the beginning of the summer- I do not think baring legs over 40 is particularly a bad thing- I stick with longer shorts and skirts-to the knee- hose is out- baring legs over 40 is all about individual comfort and confidence level- whatever feels right is right- so what if you have a few marks? No one is perfect.
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I subscribe to More and love it, but the leg article definitely got my attention - are they nuts?! Bare legs over 40: it's not your age but the legs that should determine whether they should be flaunted. It's a personal pet peeve of mine out here in forever young California - women in their fifties in mini length dresses and skirts. Sorry ladies but I just don't want to see anything above the knee when those legs are showing their age. You get a pass if you're swimming. My motto? What would Audrey wear? Hepburn, that is. That said, I have used self tanner and once sprayed body makeup on my lower legs to even out the color (took less than a minute) for a special evening out - BUT - I would never go to the lengths More described.
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Hey there...I agree - too much work. However, I do the self tanner thing since my skin is fair...and that is something pretty easy to keep up. When I got to work and wear a skirt, I don't wear pantyhose so I do use a 'leg stocking spray' like Sally Hansen. I find that really quick and it works great.
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I don't usually go bare. I wear longer skirts, tights, or pants. If I do go bare, it's when I don't care how I will look, so I do nothing to my legs. It's a lot easier to wear pants or a below the calf skirt. Now a good pedicure -- that's a must.
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