Antonio Banderas Says 'No' to Plastic Surgery

Princess 19 on 19 Oct 2011 at 9:00am

The latest celebrity to speak out over the subject of plastic surgery is surprisingly a man - Antonio Banderas.  The actor shared his views while discussing his new role of, ironically, a plastic surgeon.

In Banderas' new film, The Skin I Live In, he plays a plastic surgeon who becomes a psychopathic killer to seek revenge of a crime close to home.  His character also attempts to create a synthetic skin that does not burn, an alternative to skin grafting.  His research is fueled from ANOTHER tragedy.  

Phew.  This movie sounds...serious.  

The actor inadvertently answered the question on how he felt about cosmetic work when chatting about a character who unwillingly has his appearance altered surgically.

“If I woke up and looked in the mirror and saw someone else’s face, I would jump out a window,” Antonio told Hollywood and Fine. “That would freak me out beyond my experience."

But, would he voluntarily go under the knife?

“I’d never do it,” he said.

“It has taken me years to accomplish this,” he added, while moving his own facial muscles.

“Human beings have to work with what we are. Our experience is reflected in our face."

Whoa.  That REALLY contradicts all the rumors regarding his lovely wife Melanie Griffith's supposed facelift. 

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith

But, he went on:

“For other people who feel different, I make no judgment. Hollywood – and society – put a lot of pressure on people to be more beautiful, to be younger all the time, which is totally against nature," he added. 

"Beauty, of course, is subjective for everybody. But I like the fact that I have gray hair now. It gives me some kind of degree, I think. Age is good. I take it like a man.”

The film is in theaters now, but take note, it's all in Spanish.

Photo Credit:  Flickr by Rui Mendes and By david_shankbone

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Well I must tell you he is a beautiful man and as he ages that is his choice. Apaarenntly he has strong views on it he has spoken out about being in Hollywood and looking at the back of a a passing jogger" women who look absolutely flawless" and when she turns around they look like an alien. Well aging gracefully is for some usually men or women who are 20 plus using Botox already. There is nothing better for an ego than feeling that you look as young as you feel, or in my case I have been sick for while and the fact that it has started to show on my face makes me feel like now it shows. I will fight tooth and nail to keep myself feeling good and this involves what I can do .The outside for my body is taken care of by Drs. who deal with faces and my health but, internally I never neglect the wisom of what is good for my health. If I choose to to have the appearance and the privacy of liking the reflection I see it makes me feel better. I wouldn't do anything stupid or drastic to alter my looks. Let's face it some women can pull of a lovely face and grey hair at any age..but it's a choice. Antionio, Melanie has gone over the top due to pressures from the industry you're in and lifestyles we have all regretted in ill spent youth. So yourself be true.
I saw Jane Fonda at 73 on TV . She went all natural after Ted Turner. Now she is sporting a fresh face skinny jeans and a slamming body. She has the right. But would she fess up to having work now? I wonder but Jane you look great and look happy.
Clooney, and others no opting to go full blown Mickey Rourke have reason to worry but who really know's what has been done to keep them looking fresh?..It isn't an infusion of a band of 20 year olds by now they are a little tired so. Live and let may as well like how you look at any age.
I agree. It's nice to be able to enhance yourself or rejuvenate who you were before. There is a fine line that you should not cross when getting plastic surgery, however I believe it does have its place.

I think it's easier to say “I’d never do it" when you look like Antonio Banderas or George Clooney. After seeing the many before and after pictures on the site, I'm just glad people have a choice.