Allergan to cash in on lash enhancer

Beauty Cred on 10 Jun 2008 at 11:32am

Eyelashes have been a hot topic lately. First we posted about the reformulation of Jan Marini's Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner because it contained the ingredient bimatoprost. Ditto Athena Cosmetic's Revitalash.

THEN the comments started coming in on that same post ("Lash Dance") about the trademark infringement suit Allergan brought against seven companies, including Athena Cosmetics (not to be confused with Athena Bioscience, which has Lash Serum) and DermaQuest Inc. (which has DermaLash), for selling products containing prostaglandin analogues such as bimatoprost and promoting them to grow eyelashes.

THEN we learned that Allergan had dropped its suit against DermaQuest Inc, confirming that the ingredients in DermaLash do not infringe on its patent (from a CosmeticsDesign 1/17/08 brief).

THEN, c'mon keep up with me here, we learned from a Real Beauty News post that Allergan "accidentally" discovered a lash-enhancing drug. Hmm.

MEANWHILE, Jan Marini just launched Marini Lash...

NOW, from CosmeticsDesign (6/9/08)...

Pharmaceutical giant Allergan plans to release an eyelash growth stimulator having recently fought a number of alleged patent infringement cases over the drug.

The press release goes on to say that the new Allergan product should be available sometime in 2009 and that Allergan estimates this market to be significant, anticipating sales exceeding $500m per year.

Is it just me, or is Allergan trying to cash in here? And where's John Madden with the play-by-play when you need him?

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It is only obvious that Allergan wants to control everything. I am personally thrilled that Medicis is coming out with a Botox-like product. RevitaLash is hanging in there -- they changed their formulation slightly to NOT include a bimatoprost from my understanding are NOT going to bow down like the other's have. Kudos To RevitaLash for standing up to the big dogs. As if an ophthalmologist is going to create dangerous to the eyes. Since Allergan is practically eating up every small profitable derm business out there, I personally hope the the other eyelash companies stand tall. Who wants to buy a prescriptive for almost the same thing that is aready out there and pay $50 more a tube. I don't care if the non-prescriptive takes a week longer to work....
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Yes, well first FDA says the drug is not safe. How is not safe if it has been in use and "into eye" used. Eyelash products go on eyelashes, they may occasionally get in the eye but thats not the use. So if the argument is saved on the safty issue Allegran states that it is their patent. Prostoglandin is no longer under patent as an ingredient. There may be some limitation and patented use for latanoprost thats what Allegran is fighting in court. However since the ingredient is no longer under patent, I want to see their patented "means of use" as they claim they have one. Why did take Allegran so damn long to actually consider manufacturing this eyelash inhancer if the public is hungry for it. Also, I mean come ON ! can I patent the use of sugar in my coffee. Yes I can but that is RIDICULOUS. Allegran and FDA are money hungry irresponsible bunch of crooks. FDA has approved many harmful ingredients in foods, drugs, and cosmetics without any problems. FDAs purpose it to make sure money is to be made and not to keep the public safe. Have anyone noticed that drugs that are prescription only and FDA states it is due to theitr safety years after Patents expire become mainstream non prescription drugs such as prelosec, or even the vaginal anti fungus cream. I think Allegran will NOT WIN as this is a REDICUOLOUS LAW SUIT.
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Well at least something is being done about this. A lash enhancer shouldn't have this happen if it was planned correctly.
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