Why Supermodels Don't Make Good Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Will-Lee on 30 Jun 2009 at 11:24am

Sometimes patients take their post-op dissatisfaction just a little too far -- especially when they're a supermodel.

Karen Mulder -- that Dutch blonde you've seen all over fashion mags, Victoria's Secret, etc. -- just got arrested in Paris for allegedly threatening her plastic surgeon over what she thinks was a botched job. We talked to the cops in the 8th arondissement, but no word who the dime-dropping surgeon was or the procedure(s) involved.

Mulder's had various brushes with trainwreckishness since she faded from the spotlight years ago, including a reported suicide attempt and a stint in rehab.

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Thank you.. I’m glad you enjoyed this real cosmetic surgery and procedure blog geared toward telling the honest and detailed story of a patient’s recovery after cosmetic surgeries and/or procedures.
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Many many times it is not always the surgeons fault. it takes 50% to be a good surgeon and the other 50% success rate depends on the patients ability to relax and recover per post surgery instructions. With millions of dollars to spend on the best surgeons yet still poor results, one has to question the other variables. Recovery process is essential and must be followed exactly.
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