Trying out Jennifer Flavin-Stallone's Seriesse S.I. Minerale Foundation

Beauty Cred on 23 May 2008 at 9:34am

I'm giving Seriesse Minerale Foundation a try today--or I should say a whirl. I'm a bit "over" the whole mineral makeup thing. And it's not because I think mineral makeup is a fly-by-night phenom--no. But now that it's gone from its originators (think Bare Escentuals, Jane Iredale, Colorescience) to mass (think L'Oreal, Physician's Formula) you could say the bloom is off the rose for me.

Such is my backdrop for trying Seriesse Minerale Foundation. I also find that mineral makeup can be tricky. Example: apply too soon after moisturizer and you'll wind up with a face that looks like muddy tire skids all over a freshly paved road--the product just doesn't go on smoothly or consistently. Also, anything powder-like (I don't care how natural, mineral, fine-particled it is) has a tendency to "set" into fine lines. So here we go with my first impression of Seriesse Minerale Foundation!

After waiting for my moisturizer to absorb, I do the mineral-makeup shake-shake-shake to release the powdery foundation into the lid. Seriesse Minerale Foundation does this without a major mess. And here's what I really like: the cap is BOWL-SHAPED! This may seem like an insignificant & minor detail, but it is not. With the bowl shape, the goat-hair brush can swirl around the lid with minimal spillage and the brush gets a more well-rounded application of the foundation--all the better for applying on your face.

Seriesse Minerale Foundation goes on relatively smoothly. And I've had other mineral powder foundations that leave a bit much of a glimmer on my face--this does not. It's not a completely matte finish--just a nice muted sheen. The shade, Medium, that I'm using works well for me, too (I have fair skin).

Was it worth it? I like Seriesse Minerale Foundation. Half the battle with mineral makeup is the lead up to and application of the product--and Seriesse improves on this process by its rounded cap packaging. The foundation swirls on nicely, and leaves a nice finish.

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Hi Pamela, Skintoxicated answered your question beautifully. Seriesse does offer different colors than Serious Skin Care. Also, we are frequently asked how Seriesse International is different from Serious Skin Care. The differences are many, but here’s a summary for you: The Opportunity: Seriesse offers every individual a chance to create their own business. The SuccessePlan is one of the best compensation plans you can find in the network marketing industry. Architected by a leading and well-known company, Sheffield Resources Network, the Seriesse compensation plan provides an earning opportunity at whatever level you choose. Serious Skin Care, on the other hand, is sold only through the Home Shopping Network and does not offer a business opportunity. NVesse-24: An invisible shield that locks in moisture and defends the skin from the environment, this key formulation helps protect the beneficial ingredients found inside our skin care products from degrading when exposed to heat, oxygen, and light. NVesse-24 is manufactured with expensive ingredients that cannot be used for the Serious Skin Care line as they do not fit the value pricing model of the HSN distribution channel. Our Product line: Green Tea Antioxidant Amplifier, S-Force – Sylvester Stallone’s nutritional line, Zero Fade Shampoo + Conditioner, and Firmesse. All of these products are available exclusively through our Seriesse International Independent Consultants. The shopping experience: Our customers have the benefit of having products demonstrated by a Seriesse Independent Consultant, who can provide guidance as to which products would work best for their skin, what colors are right for them, and why S-Force is the best in nutrition…it’s the ultimate in Customer Service! Kathy Lavoie Seriesse International Independent Consultant
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I just contacted the company and according to the rep there, there is no difference between the Serious Skin Care ProMinerals mineral makeup products (available on HSN) and those to be found in the Seriesse SI Minerale Foundation line--only the packaging/branding is different. Of course, you may find one product that is in one line and not the other as well. The skincare formulas in the product lines, however, do have differences in some of their ingredients.
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The other difference between the Serious Skin Care Minerale Makeup and ours at Seriesse is that there is no scent. The SSC has the scent - rose smell. Many people I have talked to did not like the SSC minerale makeup for that reason.
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The differnce between this line and the prominerals line on shopping network. Is there a differnce.
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Hi Skintoxicated, Thank you for the review of Seriesse S.I. Minerale Foundation. I have been using mineral makeup for a few years now, so I was very excited when Seriesse introduced it's S.I. Minerale line. I love this line, although, I may be predjudice being that I am a Seriesse consultant. My mom, however, is not a consultant. She is in her early 60's and has always hated putting any type of powder on her face. I MADE her try this foundation...Hey, I already had it, it didn't cost her anything just to try it, right? Reluctantly, she did try it. Well.....she LOVES it! Now it is the only foundation she will use. I think this foundation is fantastic as well as the dome lid! Great review! Thank You, Kathy Lavoie Seriesse International Independent Consultant
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