Claim Check: A Laser That Melts Inches in 2 Weeks!

Tom at RealSelf on 15 Jul 2009 at 1:27pm

The Claim: It's a non-surgical laser that will melt fat (like, inches of it!) in 2 weeks.

The Background: On Twitter we saw a post from @myzerona (the twitter handle for Zerona) that a laser could melt fat without surgery.

myzerona tweet on fat loss

The Reality: The medical experts at RealSelf were quick to respond to (and dispute) the Zerona claim.

  • Theodore Katz, MD calls it a "modern day version of Snake Oil". 
  • Richard Rand, a Seattle plastic surgeon calls it deceptive marketing:  it's "just a false advertising claim designed to convince the naive to pay for this treatment."
  • Memphis plastic surgeon Peter Aldea, MD declares "There is a ZERO chance that this claim is true!"

Just like notion of tummy tuck tightening without surgery, Zerona's effectiveness may be attributable to a change in diet that is included with the Zerona treatment, as pointed out by Dr. Richard Baxter. Proper diet and exercise are the only proven non-surgical slimming solutions.

Updated 7/20/09: Zerona's PR agency confirmed that @myzerona is the official Zerona twitter handle.

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The more I research Zerona on the Internet, the more untrue its claims seem to be. Having doctors come out and saying it works, being shown on TV shows and in the news, and all the blogs saying it works, have to be one very elaborate marketing scheme. For example, this "Serena" that posted above me can be found posting the same vacuous claims on a bunch of other websites. People!!! If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!!!
Hi guys, Did you see Nightlight this week? They featured the ZERONA laser in a clip about appearance and job searching. The feature follows patients who used the treatment and documents their results. The clip can be found on their site or click here to view it (ZERONA comes in at 2:34) Have a great day! Serena