9 'Must-Haves' for a Comfortable Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

AnneF on 7 Jan 2014 at 9:00am

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By Anne L. Fritz, Owner, Cashmere Personal Concierge
As a personal concierge in New York City, I’ve helped numerous men and women recover from plastic surgery in their own homes and in hotel rooms. Through these experiences, I've discovered what you'll need close at hand to make your recuperation as easy as possible:
1. Medication from your doctor. Your doctor will almost certainly prescribe you pain medication along with an antibiotic. Be sure to have your prescriptions filled a few days ahead of time. Sometimes pharmacies have to order medication -- and you don’t want to be running around town the day of your surgery trying to get your prescription filled. 
2. Surgical gloves. If you're having surgery like a tummy tuck, that requires drains that will need to be emptied, your caretaker will appreciate it if you have these on hand. Gloves are also useful should there be any vomiting from an interaction with the anesthesia. Extra gauze is also a good idea.
3. Reusable gel ice packs. With smooth edges, gel ice packs are more gentle on bruised or sore body parts than regular ice. Plus, the packs don’t drip.
4. Neosporin and Aquaphor. It’s not uncommon to incur minor scrapes after surgery. Neosporin will ensure these don’t get infected. Aquaphor is a thick, soothing moisturizer, especially for lips.
5. A wide selection of juices and soda. In my experience, it helps to have something with a bit of sugar in it when you’re taking medication. Ginger ale and diluted juices are especially easy going down.
6. Crackers and broth-based soups. While I’ve had clients who are starving post surgery -- one even ate a grilled cheese sandwich and chocolate chip cookies after a facelift -- the majority want soothing, bland, comfort foods. These foods can help with nausea and a decreased, post-anesthesia appetite. Do note that if you’re having face work done, crunchy foods can be challenging, so you may want to stick with soups and smoothies.
7. Bendable straws. Sitting up after any major surgery can be difficult. Straws make it easier to drink while lying down.
8. Pillows in all shapes and sizes. The first night after your surgery is likely to be the hardest. A pillow under your knees, an extra one behind your head, and some on your sides (to prevent rolling) can help.
9. Comfy PJ’s and socks. You may very well go straight to bed in the outfit you went to surgery in, but often times, a change of clothes can do wonders for the way you feel.
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There's a new pillow that I bought especially for after my brow lift. Beauty Keeper Back Sleeper is made to keep you on your back while you sleep, a big deal for me since that's one of the things that brought me to the plastic surgeon, deep lines in my forehead from sleeping hard on my face, mostly on one side. It really helped me after surgery and I still use it. Just thought I would add that.
Excellent list. After an extensive surgery, patients and their families may be more comfortable having that patient spend the might in a hospital or surgical suite with round the clock monitoring by medical professionals. In addition to meds, many doctors may recommend a homeopathic remedy blend to help bruising and swelling. Stool softeners (not laxatives) taken prior surgery like a tummy tuck may improve comfort during the healing process.
What a fantastic roundup! I loved reading the stories on each of the blogs.

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Hi, wonderful advice. If I may I would like to add that organizing your bed is extremely important. I found that having a medium size towel placed on top of the bottom sheet and a thick plastic under the towel helps enormously in two ways; one, it helps keep the sheets from being stained by drains, two it makes it a lot easier to get up. For those who are sore after a tummy tuck or lipo, getting up from the bed is a problem. Having the plastic under a towel makes you slide to the edge and twist easily to the side!