72% of Young Women Want Plastic Surgery

K. Mathews on 30 Aug 2011 at 9:00am

If you have any doubt that attitudes toward cosmetic surgery are changing with each subsequent generation, look no further than a survey published by More! magazine. A poll of 1,000 readers found that 72% of women in their twenties would like to have plastic surgery.

More! magazine, a UK publication that bills itself as “your daily fix of fashion and men”, found that not only do women want the surgery, but nearly half of the women also indicate that they intend to actually have at least one procedure in the future.

While most twenty-something women were interested in plastic surgery because they are displeased with their appearance, an additional 35% believed that receiving cosmetic enhancements would boost their confidence. The women aren’t shy about the procedures either, with only 31% saying they would try to hide the fact that they had work done.

Plastic surgery in your 20s

We see similar desires from twenty-something women on RealSelf. Just look at all of the questions 18 through 24-year-old women are asking doctors about breast implants. 

Chantelle Horton, editor of More!, is displeased with the findings, saying, “The results show a worrying trend towards young women becoming obsessed with creating the ‘perfect’ body image. It’s clear that women see surgery as a normal, acceptable, and desirable way to correct their perceived imperfections and they genuinely believe this would make them happier.”

What do you think? Are you similarly concerned with this trend?  And does a beauty magazine that is likely partially responsible for how women feel about their own bodies have a right to criticize its readers for taking steps to alter their appearance?

Photo credit: More!; RealSelf.com

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Here is an unsolicited opinion for a male. I may be in the minority of males, but I much rather women forgo cosmetic surgery. I recognize there are situations where it is desired due to trauma, disease or a deformity. Again, I may be in the minority, but bigger doesn't mean better when it comes to breasts. Also, natural is, well, natural. "Augmented" comes off as not real to me. I believed that back in my single days just as I do now as a married guy. I just shake my head at times when a lady gives me that polite little hug as a greeting and it's very obvious that she had been "augmented", not that it wasn't pretty obvious before that. But then, I'm not a woman, and a woman is free to do as she pleases. Makenzie, not to pry, but do you care to elaborate about your early desire for augmentation? I'm just curious, is all, is it more for you or for your perception of what males like?

Thanks for the great comment, Kent.  I am not shy about it, nor have I been. Nor should I be now that I work for a site based around cosmetic procedures! 

Initially, sure, when all my friends started developing and I didn't, I thought implants were the answer and would help me be more desirable. My wonderful mother told me to wait until after college, however, as I would change a lot mentally (if not physically as well). 

I am so glad she made me do that -- I went through a period where I didn't want them at all. I became confident in myself as I am, and I know that I am gorgeous and man-attracting without bigger boobs. 

That being said, I feel out of proportion in a lot of clothing. If I find a bra that fits my ribcage, there are oceans of space in the cups. I am slightly asymmetrical, which is noticeable in a swimsuit or non-padded bra. Even with padded bras, because of my hips and broad shoulders, many dresses, blouses and jackets that fit the rest of my body sag around the chest. 

I am sexy regardless -- but having a more proportional bust would make me feel better in clothes as well as out. I would love to be able to flash a little bit of womanly cleavage when I feel like it. Just to make myself feel sexy! 

One last thing... Kent, I don't get the impression you are of this mindset, but a lot of men who say they don't like women with fake boobs have a very --ahem-- false impression of what fake boobs look like. Ie porn star boobs. Or botched jobs. As evidenced by so many of the photos on this site, a good boob job isn't too big for a woman's body, and can be virtually unnoticeable unless you're giving 'em a good squeeze. 

I wanted a tummy tuck from when I was 15. So glad I got it 15 years later. I love having a belly button again.

I'll admit, I've wanted...enhancements...since I was about 15. Still do! Though my feelings about getting a nose job have gone back and forth since about 13... currently in the "no thanks" phase.