3D Cosmetic Surgery Consultations

A. Foley on 2 Nov 2010 at 12:00am

3D technology is coming to movie theaters, your television, and it makes entire sense to the plastic surgery office.

Plastic surgeons are starting to make investments in 3D cameras that allow a breast augmentation patient, and other cosmetic surgery patients, to better visualize their possible outcome from cosmetic surgery.

A new device making its way into doctor offices is called "Vectra 3D", made by Canfield Scientific. 

3D breast visualization

Here's a video featuring a doctor active on RealSelf, John Connors, MD, who discusses the relevance of 3D Vectra technology to the plastic surgery patient.

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For BA patients I see this as a huge plus. We get dozens of posts every month from people who are trying to choose the right implant size. To be able to visualise it on their body is perfect (and also a great sales tool for docs).

Dr. Otto Joseph Placik has a 3D tool on his website. I've tried it! :)


It'd be hard to say no to the surgery after seeing those images of your ideal new body!


here's an article that talks about 3D visualization used in rhinoplasty and other facial plastic surgery procedures