2011's Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures - Would Patients Do Them Again?

MakenzieR on 21 Mar 2012 at 3:45pm

What do patients think about 2011's most popular cosmetic procedures?

Take a look at the RealSelf Worth It Ratings for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery's top 5 surgical and non-surgical procedures of 2011:

ASAPS statistics

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Are you surprised by the rating for any of these procedures? Would you expect anything to rate higher or lower?

Photo credits: michaeldb / Deposit Photos (teaser); ASAPS

Comments (4)

i see the tummy tuck is very VERY high in ratings and a breast lift,no surprise there yearly.and i agree, i have a aunt whose loving her fillers,a friend only late 20s who get em from discovering she has "wrinkles"early on her mouth area,jowls,and another friend early forties,who love her new flat sexi stomach,and got jowls,wrinkle filler around mouth,and look late twenties again! so i m shock it did not get higher over here at real self.
I am shocked at the low approval rating for the neurotoxins and fillers. It makes me question the quality of the pre-treatment consultation, the discussion of expected results, and the skill and experience of the injector. These are safe treatments that offer excellent results when properly performed by experienced injectors in well-selected patients. Toxins and fillers are now viewed as "commodities" more than ever. Has the search for the cheapest procedure in town resulted in the cheapest outcome as well, and subsequently tarnished the quality results these products offer?

Stay tuned, Dr. Dembny! This is something we've been pondering and digging in to as well -- more to come in the next few weeks. 

I look forward to what you discover, Thanks