Considering Dental Veneers? ABC 20/20 says get a really good dentist

Beauty in Seattle on 16 Jun 2006 at 11:23pm

This evening's ABC 20/20 show was an exposé on bad dental veneers. No, let me correct that, they showed awful veneers. I saw one mangled smile after another. Clear message: get your self a really good dentist before getting dental laminates.

veneers to correct a smile

I've always had the assumption that getting a Hollywood smile is just a matter of shelling out the big bucks. Porcelain veneers run as much as a $1,000 a tooth.

But as the dentist (Dr. Ronald Goldstein) on 20/20 pointed out, you need aperfect fit to avoid bacteria seeping in between your teeth and gums. If you don't get this tight seal, you may get painful puss pockets and gum damage. Trust me, from what I saw, you don't want this to happen. Poorly qualified dentists may also file down the teeth too excessively, making the veneers more likely to flake off. Bad veneers crack or look astray in the smile.

The bottom line: getting a bargain in dental laminates may be a good indicator of significant future pain and expense.

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Don't also assume that just because the dentist has high prices that they are worth it. Always have the dentist show you THEIR patient portfolio and not pictures off of the veneer companies website. Ask if you can talk to other patients and if they have had any problems with the lab and if they did how the issue was resolved. There are dentists out there charging a lot for shoddy work.
Cosmetic dentistry is not cheap and as pointed out, dental insurance won't pay for it. There are ten top cosmetic dentists listed in the January issue of SEATTLE MAGAZINE, as well as top dental specialists in all areas and in general dentistry (127 in all). Good cosmetic dentistry should last indefinitely. Think how great your smile and image will be afterwards. However, talk with 2 or 3 cosmetic specialists before you decide on your work.