Our 10 Most-Talked-About BBL Before + Afters

Varci Vartanian on 8 Dec 2013 at 9:00am

before after BBL Brazilian Butt Lift lace

Welcome to another edition of Makeover Monday! This week we're featuring RealSelf's most talked-about Brazilian Butt Lift transformations -- the ones that you've commented on (and complimented) the most. 

Scroll down for amazing before and after pics -- and get some insight on life with a brand new booty.

1.  Flew all the way to Florida to get new curves

before after BBL brazillian butt lift hourglass shape

"I sent my doctor my nine month [post-op] pictures. His response, "WOW, that's impressive." My response? "You did it, LOL!" -bigbootytinywaist

2. Padded underwear is a thing of the past 

before after BBL leopard underwear
To have a bubble butt with 'a shelf' and back arch is absolutely amazing! My body aligns with how I feel -- super sexy, confident and strong ... a powerful woman in my own right ..." -Booty4Real

3.  Opted for surgery when squats, lunges and the Brazil Butt Workout failed

before after BBL Brazilian Butt Lift photos
"I've been offered to have my rent paid for the month, someone asked me to carry their child, and I was excused out of a parking ticket because of my 'beloved'! Oh the things she gets me into -- and out of! -LolaJae

4. Always wanted a bubble butt

before after BBL Brazilian Butt LIft booty shorts

"Men like to do double takes when I'm in my white leggings. I mean, that's why I wear 'em, right?" -SXWallex

5. Kim K was her inspiration

before after BBL bikini bottoms brazillian butt lift photos

"Yes, people do ask you [about your new shape], so be prepared. If they knew you before surgery, they will know you had work done. I decided to be honest! I don't care if anyone thinks negatively ..." -FabNewMe

6. Finally achieved that hourglass shape

before after BBL Brazilian Butt Lift lace

"I have a hard time finding jeans that fit me. My waist is so small for such a huge booty, that even a size 30 semi-stretch denim jean will NOT go up past my booty ..." -enjoyself

7. Traveled thousands of miles for a shape she loves

before after BBL brazilian butt lift small waist
"[My doctor] has created a monster! I'm three months post-op and love my body!" -Mz Yummy booty

8.  Felt that a "round and full" silhouette would help her self-esteem

before after BBL Brazilian Butt Lift photo side view

"I think the size is perfect ... I didn't want anything too huge, just big enough to make me extra sexy ..." -Ms_New_Booty 

9.  Just wanted to feel good wearing a dress

before after BBL Brazilian Butt Lift purple bra
"Still loving my results ... I literally buy a new dress every week .. it's my new addiction." -Mariel2013

10.  Wanted fat transferred to all the right places
before after BBL tiger tattoo brazilian butt lift photo

"NO regrets! I love it! But, I'm going for round two next month ... Eeek! I [want] more liposuction and a bit more injected into my butt. I feel [the second surgery] will seal the deal on how I want my body to look." -bootylisious

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It is great to see some of my patients on here! I am glad my patients have been so happy with their results. I am also happy that RealSelf has been such a great resource for those who are looking to get a BBL.
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Thank you, Dr. Schulman, for supporting our community!  

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