Why I Spent Thousands - To Look Just Like Justin Bieber

Varci Vartanian on 15 Nov 2013 at 9:00am

before and after toby sheldon justin beiber

Realself member Toby Sheldon is a 33 year-old LA-based songwriter, originally from Germany. Recently, Toby has made global headlines, sharing he spent over $100,000 on cosmetic procedures to more closely resemble Justin Bieber. This is his story. In his own words. 

I was in my 30's, getting Botox and fillers and wanted to look like I was in my 20's. I brought pictures of Justin Bieber, Zac Efron and male models into my surgeon, and he picked Justin Bieber saying, "This is a good look for you".  

The surgeon did an upper lip lift and a corner lip lift to correct the downturned corners of my mouth -- this was to stop me from looking sad all the time.

He also lifted my bottom lip to make it pout out a little, and to hide the lower teeth that [commonly] show more with age. He also suggested a chin reduction, chin lipo and fat transfer to my forehead, temples, lips and under eyes for a more youthful look.

after lip lift surgery toby sheldon

I was a little apprehensive the day of surgery as I was getting a lot done, but the recovery wasn't that bad. The first night, I woke up having a little panic attack because I was so bandaged up from the lipo and chin reduction  -- but that was it.  

And, the surgeon told me not to smile excessively with the lip lift, so I took it to the next level and didn't smile or talk for three whole weeks. So, of course, you get a little depressed if you don't smile. 

The fat transfer also made my lips look duck-like for about 4 weeks, but it was worth it. Everyone wants to look younger -- instead of doing little things here and there that don't really work, I'd rather go under the knife.   

I haven't even told my parents, they live in Germany. A German TV station is coming here to shoot something about me -- so they might see it on TV then. I don't really know how to bring it up to them, "Oh, by the way ... I look like Justin Bieber!"

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He looks like Barry Mannilow/Tom Cruise mix
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he looks like a total dork
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